Prince George, King of Instagram

In a world where image is king, one ruler in waiting has it licked. Prince George has scored yet another huge hit on the official Kensington Palace Instagram account, his third big success in just six weeks. For while this channel, the most followed of all the official accounts belonging to Europe's royal households, always gets big love for its photos, the recent pictures of George that it's shared have taken it into new territory. The prince is hitting hearts like no other before him. This summer, George is the King of Instagram.

The first photo this summer to hit the heights was his official birthday portrait, taken by Chris Jackson, and featuring a very jolly little prince close up. It now stands on 311,000 likes. That's big. Kensington Royal usually sees images take 30-40,000 likes (way ahead of most other royal accounts' averages) with its most popular pictures getting 120,000 likes. The real biggies have been liked around 180,000 times - until now. George's birthday bonanza was the start of a new trend.

The snaps shared of him arriving at school on September 7th 2017 were another big hit. They have won over 244,000 likes in just two days, just 1k behind the photo shared to mark the announcement of the Duchess of Cambridge's third pregnancy.  It's a lot of love for a little prince and interestingly, the solo snaps of him are scoring higher than the family photos the Cambridges put on Instagram this summer. While the snaps of them arriving in Poland and Germany as a family were popular (averaging around 158,000 likes each), it's the solo snaps of the third in line to the throne that really get the hearts flying.

And the star of this show is the specially taken image of George with dad, William, getting ready to head off to school on the little prince's first day. The portrait, by Chris Jackson, gobbled up 344,000 likes within days of appearing on the official account, making it easily the most popular royal Instagram post since the ruling houses of Europe took to this social media. Royalty relies heavily on image and the world where George will be king will be a picture led environment. His parents have faced criticism for not letting George and his sister, Charlotte, make more appearances in front of the cameras. Their policy may change as their children get older and their family grows. For now, we do know that George is about as popular as a little royal can be. The man who will one day head one of the oldest monarchies in the world is already ruling when it comes to modern media.


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