Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Haakon and Mette-Marit in Canada, Day One

The Crown Prince and Princess of Norway are given a warm welcome as they start visit to Canada
(photo detnorskekongehus Instagram)

After dinner with the Trudeaus just after touch down, the official visit of the Crown Prince and Princess of Norway to Canada got well and truly under way on November 7th as they carried out a series of engagements in Ottawa. They even managed a mini tour of the Arctic on a day that focused on the environment. Welcome to Norway's Royal Tour Canada 2016.

Official visits don't really get under way without an official welcome and while the informal supper with the Prime Minister of Canada and his wife had got things started (see the fab photos here), it was up to the Governor General of Canada, David Johnston, and his wife, to offer the formal hello that started the tour proper. 

The Governor General hosted a welcome ceremony at his official residence, Rideau Hall, before all four headed out into the picture perfect Ottawa autumn weather to meet children and well wishers and get down to the serious business of talking trees. 
Next year marks 75 years of diploatic relations between Norway and Canada and the Governor General was keen to point out the links between the two nations, remembering the trees planted in 2002 by Haakon Magnus' parents, King Harald and Queen Sonja, during a visit.

Then it was time to head to the Arctic wastes. Crown Prince Haakon Magnus and Crown Princess Mette-Marit headed to the Museum of Nature in Ottawa for a seminar on the Arctic and before they sat down to business, they were given a tour of the land that sits between Norway and Canada on a map built into the floor.

There was also a demonstration of traditional throat singing by members of the Inuit community before the royal couple attened the seminar which focused on tackling climate change in the Arctic region.

The evening saw the royal visitors head to the Canadian Museum of History for a reception which included a speech by Mette-Marit.

The Crown Prince and Princess of Norway are visiting Canada until November 10th. The second day of their tour will be spent in Toronto.

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