Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Letizia's serious health message

Queen Letizia of Spain addresses the opening session of the World Cancer Congress in Paris
(photo casareal.es)

Queen Letizia has given a keynote speech at the opening of one of the biggest international events for research into cancer. The Queen of Spain spoke to the experts and dignitaries gathered at the event in Paris about prevention, research and cures for cancer and gave a heartfelt plea for patients to be at the centre of everything, now and in the future.

Letizia, who is Honorary President of the Spanish Association against Cancer, addressed the congress as it got under way. Among those also attending were President Francois Hollande of France, Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco and Princess Dina Mired of Jordan.

The Queen of Spain gave the penultimate address at this opening session. She centred her speech on two areas, telling those present that as many cancers are now preventable it was more important than ever to put a spotlight on diet, exercise and lifestyles before going on to say that scientific research must always be pushed forward to help patients.

There was also a chance for Queen Letizia to meet many of the other delegates taking part in the conference which is held every other year and which this time round will run until November 3rd. 

Queen Letizia closed her speech by reminding those present that the stakes 'remain very high' and wishing them well as they began their work. It was clear that this serious health matter means a lot to Letizia.

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