Thursday, 3 November 2016

The cat that met Kate

Kate and the kitty at a world film premiere
(photo Kensington Royal Twitter)

He's the cat that met Kate and Bob took it all in his stride. But then Bob is no ordinary cat. Bob is the star of a film getting its world premiere tonight and while the presence of the Duchess of Cambridge may have made that a royal event, this kitty wasn't going to get over excited about it. Bob sat nonchalantly through his meeting with royalty and was hard pressed to even look round and acknowledge his regal visitor.  That's the thing about cats, they always rule.

To be fair, it was his name up in lights. This kitty is the star of 'A Street Cat Named Bob' based on the book of the same name which tells the story of James Bowen and the animal who helped him turn his life around. That would be Bob, then.

The stories have become best sellers and the Duchess of Cambridge came along to see the premiere and to hear about how showing recovery from addiction through film and the arts can help others. 

It's all part of her work with the charity, Action on Addiction. Kate spent some time tonight at Working Title Films for a special showing of the Recovery Street Film Festival, again with the focus on how film making can inspire recovery from addiction.

Film premieres mean gala gowns (white, by Self Portrait), a red carpet and film stars. And the biggest star of this film sailed through his brush with royalty without so much as a creased whisker. Bob isn't so much the cat that met Kate as the film star feline who let a duchess say hello.

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