Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Prince Harry in the Caribbean, Day Nine - Grenada

Prince Harry arrives in style on day nine of his tour of the Caribbean
(photo Kensington Palace Instagram)

After a travel day on November 27th (he's been working hard, give him 24 hours off), Prince Harry stepped ashore in Grenada to one of the biggest welcomes so far on his tour of the Caribbean. The happiness to see Harry continued through a day that included a lot of sport and a focus on protecting the natural environment. Come on, time to get happy with Harry as day nine of his Caribbean tour unfolds.

You know how this works by now. A new country, a new official welcome. So it's off the boat for Harry at Grenada Cruise Port and straight into the formalities, with tie and suit in place. There was a military parade and a chance for the prince to inspect the guard.

Then there was the slightly less formal welcome as Harry, now in casual, was given an all singing, all dancing hello to Grenada as he got down to business.

First stop for Harry was Queens Park Grounds where he joined in a community sports event and that is actually, properly joined in. There was no chance of non competitive cricket here are Harry got down to business with the ball, bat and banter and cheered for victory.

The prince was there to see how sport can help young people in their lives. He met some of those who play cricket and football at the grounds and those who support them.

Then it was off to the beach for Harry again. The prince visited Grand Anse beach where he heard about ongoing work to protect the environment.

The focus this time round was on coral protection and Harry heard from teams replanting the coral fields of the Grenadian seas.

He also headed out on to the water and heard about conservation work on the local mangroves which were hit by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

Then it was back to official business as Harry, who is carrying out this tour on behalf of the Queen, met the Prime Minister of Grenada, Keith Mitchell, before attending a reception given in his honour by the Governor General, Dame Cecile la Grenade.

Day ten of Harry's tour, November 29th 2016, will take him to Barbados.

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