Sunday, 24 August 2014

The queen of ripped jeans

After a week away from the spotlight, the Queen of Spain is back.  Letizia made her reappearance in Madrid where she and King Felipe did their usual Friday night thing and headed to the cinema. And the queen wore ripped jeans.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia hit the cinema in Madrid 

Queens have always been expected to wear the best and while in centuries past that meant cloth of gold and chests of jewels, today it means high fashion and Letizia was - as ever - right on trend. The ripped white jeans were paired with a top in one of the hottest colours of summer- bright yellow - and the money for her popcorn was stashed in a snakeskin shoulder bag.  Felipe did what all royal men tend to do in this situation and chose blue trousers and a blue shirt - it's a sure fire thing that if you have a trend setting royal wife you either go for that look or a pair of chinos with something white on your top half.

Cinema by royal appointment - Felipe and Letizia on their latest outing

The royal couple didn't seem overly happy to see the photographers who snapped their latest visit to a cinema in the city centre.  The queen, in particular, looked annoyed by their presence.  Felipe and Letizia are regular visitors to the cinema but their visits are usually chronicled on social media as other film goers tweet their surprise at finding the royals hanging out at the local multiplex.  They've been regular fixtures on the film scene for years but they might find that future visits - like this one to see the latest Luc Besson picture - attract more attention that a few tweets here and there now that they are monarchs.

Almost smiling for the camera - the King and Queen of Spain at the cinema

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