Friday, 30 September 2016

Royal Wardrobe Canada: day six

The Kate Effect was knocked for six by George and Charlotte
(photo Crown in Canada Twitter)

For once, did anyone really notice the outfit the Duchess of Cambridge had on? From George's bubbles to Charlotte's cuddles, day six was all about Kate's kids. But in honour of the tour and the fact that it's always interesting to analyse what the Duchess of Cambridge donned, here's a look at the dress from day six. And the wedges. Well, you didn't really think we'd get through eight days of appearances without a visit from the dreaded wedges, did you? Luckily, the cuteness factor of the whole day outweighed them. Here's the bit of Royal Wardrobe Canada you didn't actually notice.

Oscar does Harvest Festival

Prince Oscar of Sweden celebrates Harvest Festival
(photo kungahuset Instagram)

Say hello again to Victoria and Daniel's little pumpkin, Prince Oscar of Sweden is six months old and counting now and after his very well behaved appearance at the christening of his cousin, Prince Alexander, at the end of the month, the third in line to the throne of Sweden is seeing the month out with a smile. Snuggled up in a woolly all in one and matching hat, Oscar gets to grips with a pumpkin as his mum celebrates the harvest festival with a special snap shared on the royal Instagram account this morning. Oscar is looking very cute and more like his mummy every day. This little royal pumpkin is growing up fast. 

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Royal Visit Canada, day six: Charlotte gets cuddly

Princess Charlotte and her new best friend at a children's party in Victoria
(photo Kensington Palace Instagram)

Let's face it, this one doesn't need that many words. Prince George and Princess Charlotte accompanied their parents to a party for military families at Government House, Victoria, British Columbia and looked very cute indeed. And then Charlotte got all cuddly with a rabbit and George went pony riding. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might have thirty engagements on this tour but you just know what everyone will remember first from Royal Visit Canada.

Prince George blowing bubbles (photo album)

It's already an iconic photo and it's not yet an hour old. Prince George played with bubbles at a children's party today - pretty normal for a three year old but when you're also a future king, each image is jostling for a place in the history books and these have won a spot and then some. George, king in waiting and happy boy at play with dreams flying high as those pretty bubbles.

Frederik and Mary in the US:Day One, Washington

You dancing? Frederik and Mary of Denmark take a turn during day one of their visit to the USA
(photo detdanskekongehus Instagram)

Other royal visits are available. While many royal watcher's eyes are turned north to Canada, there's another glamourous regal tour going on in the USA right now.  Frederik and Mary are in Washington where they're beginning a three days visit to the States focused on business. Three days, well over a dozen engagements and lots of photos. Royal Visit USA is under way.

Royal Wardrobe Canada, day five: seeing red, again

The Duchess of Cambridge in red for day five of her visit to Canada
(photo Crown in Canada Twitter)

It's always good to give a nod to your hosts and the Duchess of Cambridge has been a most considerate guest on her second tour of Canada. We've had two appearances from the Maple Leaf brooch already with days still to go before home time and now we've got a hat trick of red outfits as Kate makes the most of Canada's national colour in her tour wardrobe. Here's day five of Royal Wardrobe, Canada.

Royal Visit Canada, day five: shivering in the steam

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge going back to the future on a visit to Whitehorse on day five of their tour of Canada
(photo Kensington Palace Twitter)

Day five, bring out the coats. After a chilly night in Whitehorse at the end of day four, the next part of William and Kate's trip to Canada kept up the freeze factor and saw steam coming out of royal ears. Get ready to shiver, it's day five of Royal Visit Canada.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A royal welcome for sporting heroes

Spain's royals welcome their country's Olympic and Paralympic stars to a celebration of their achievements in Rio
(photo casareal Twitter)

Spain's royals didn't make it to Rio but they did make sure the doors of their royal residences were thrown open to congratulate the athletes who starred for their country at the Olympics and Paralympics. King Felipe, Queen Letizia and the Infanta Elena hosted a reception in Madrid today for Spain's Rio stars.

Royal Visit Canada Wardrobe: day four

The duchess dazzles in green on day four of her visit to Canada
(photo Crown in Canada Twitter)

Kate was the queen of green on day four of her latest tour of Canada. For a day of engagements that went from sunshine to shivering, she chose two green looks that kept it simple but won on style.

Royal Visit Canada, day four

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on day four of their visit to Canada
(photo UBC Twitter)

After the rain, some sunshine. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge more than made up for the partially rained off schedule of day three with an action packed itinerary as they travelled between British Columbia and Yukon. Whistlestop all the way for William and Kate.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Royal Wardrobe Canada: day three

The Duchess of Cambridge in red for an evening reception in Victoria, British Columbia
(photo The Crown in Canada Twitter)

Day three was the first for two outfits and the Duchess of Cambridge kept it extreme. She started with ultra casual for her day in Bella Bella and ended in gala for the first evening reception of Royal Visit Canada 2016. And there's a colour scheme emerging for this tour - Kate kept to predominantly blue and red just as she has the past two days. Here's Royal Wardrobe Canada, day three.

5 September Royal Brides

Princess Claire of Luxembourg was a September royal bride
(photo Grand Court Ducale/ Guy Wolff)

September isn't the most popular month for royal weddings. Summer holidays are still coming to an end and everyone's getting back into the swing of the royal agenda. That's not to say the month is a marriage free zone and to prove it here are five September royal brides.

The Royal Wardrobe poll winner: Letizia

Queen Letizia of Spain in the outfit that topped this week's Royal Wardrobe poll
(photo casareal Twitter)

In the end, she just sneaked it. Queen Letizia of Spain topped this week's Royal Wardrobe poll with a red and white dress that saw off the opposition. Chosen for a visit to New York, Letizia's Big Apple style was a winner all the way.

Royal Visit Canada, day three: bring out the brollies

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Bella Bella on day three of their tour of Canada
(photo Kensington Royal Twitter)

The clue was in the itinerary. Day three of Royal Visit Canada saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge heading to a rain forest. Umbrellas were all but inevitable.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Sapphires for September: the Netherlands

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands in the sapphire tiara of her royal house on the day her husband ascended the throne

Sapphires are stunning and the regal blue of the deepest stone has made them a favourite for royals for centuries. The modern royal families of Europe possess some pretty cracking tiaras set with sapphires and among the most striking is the one that belongs to Dutch ruling house. The sapphire tiara of the Netherlands is among the most photographed of recent times after Queen Maxima chose to wear it on the day her husband became monarch. But that historic appearance was just the latest chapter in the tale of this diadem. Her are more sapphires for September.

Christian X, King of Denmark

Christian X, King of Denmark 1912 - 1947
(photo Wiki Commons)

Christian X, King of Denmark, was born on this day in 1870. Famous for his solo ride through the streets of Copenhagen every day during the Nazi occupation - he rode without a guard as a symbol of defiance - he ruled Denmark from 1912 until his death in 1947.

Royal Visit Canada Wardrobe: Day Two

The Duchess of Cambridge on day two of her visit to Canada
(photo Government of British Columbia via Flickr)

Canada meant two things were guaranteed when it came to Kate's wardrobe. First, there was bound to be at least one appearance by the Maple Leaf Brooch and we got a glimpse of that as the plane door opened. Secondly, there was always going to be at least one red and white outfit in homage to the country's colours and day two ticked that box for us. Royal Visit Canada is doing everything we hoped.

Royal Visit Canada, Day Two

The Duchess of Cambridge arrives in Vancouver on day two of Royal Visit Canada
(photo The Crown in Canada Twitter)

Day two of Royal Visit Canada was all about planes, boats and rain. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Vancouver using a rather unusual mode of transport and walked through a lot of drizzle as they fulfilled their wish to meet as many Canadians as possible while visiting projects and a reception in the city. Welcome to Vancouver as Royal Visit Canada continues.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Royal Visit Canada Wardrobe: Day One

The Duchess of Cambridge looking regal in royal blue on day one of her visit to Canada
(photo British Colombia via Flickr)

Royal Visit Canada is under way and with it, excitement and interest and all kinds of eagerness over Kate's royal wardrobe for the coming seven days. The first time she visited Canada in 2011, she was a newly married duchess undertaking her first overseas tour and we were all still getting used to her wardrobe. Five years on, the Kate Effect is everywhere and this royal wardrobe is packed full of looks everyone wants to see again. But a tour means new and the Duchess of Cambridge started off as she means to go on. We got a debut, we got a hat, we got vintage bling. Royal Visit Canada has debuted in style.

Sophie's cycle ride: the finale

The Countess of Wessex leads her support team down the Mall at the end of their epic cycle ride
(photo Royal Family Twitter)

Three cheers for that countess. After seven days and 445 miles, Sophie has arrived at Buckingham Palace at the end of her Diamond Challenge cycle ride for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The Countess of Wessex can celebrate a big success.

The Cambridges arrive in Canada

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge arrive in Canada for their seven day tour
(photo The Crown in Canada Twitter)

It's all under way. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, have arrived in Canada for the start of a seven day visit that has already attracted huge interest from around the world. All in blue, the Cambridge family have got a global royal event under way.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Sophie's cycle ride, day six

The Countess of Wessex at RAF Wittering at the start of day six of her Diamond Challenge bike ride
(photo Royal Family Twitter)

If we can't have cake then huge planes will just about do. As the Countess of Wessex began day six of her bike ride from Edinburgh to London, she posed for photos in front of some of the most famous aircraft in the world. The last leg of Sophie's Diamond Challenge is ready for take off.

The Royal Wardrobe: into autumn

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in New York this week
(photo UNFPA and det dankse kongeshus Facebook)

There's been a distinctly autumnal feel about the Royal Wardrobe this week. Maybe it's the colours, mostly muted and darker, or the appearance of long sleeves and jackets but the summery vibe is fading fast and autumn is taking over. And that means five fantastic looks to enjoy plus a poll on the main page here to pick your favourite. Welcome to the Royal Wardrobe, autumn style.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Sophie's cycle ride, day five

The Countess of Wessex sets off on day five of her Diamond Challenge bike ride
(photo The Royal Family Twitter)

Day five of the Countess of Wessex's bike ride from Edinburgh to London was all rather sedate and low key. Sophie ate up the miles, ate no cake on camera (it's time to let that dream go) and got to her overnight stop in time to watch Strictly. The woman is a marvel.

Victoria ends her trip to New York

Crown Princess Victoria during her visit to New York

Crown Princess Victoria is on her way back to Sweden after a four day stay in New York where she participated in the meetings around the UN General Assembly as well as engagements linked to her role as a Sustainable Development Ambassador for the organisation. There were also events linked to the Swedish economy and community in New York. Getting back to a four year old and six month old will be a rest after all that.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Sophie's cycle, day four

The Countess of Wessex, with green sleeves, during day four of her Diamond Challenge bike ride for the Duke of Edinburgh Award
(photo Royal Family Twitter)

It's all getting rather familiar and worryingly cake free now. The Countess of Wessex has passed the half way mark on her Diamond Challenge cycle ride from Scotland to England by pedalling through the famously flat county of Lincolnshire and appearing not to so much as even glance at a biscuit in the process. This is getting serious.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Sophie's cycle ride, day three

The Countess of Wessex sans cake during a stop on day three of her Diamond Challenge bike ride
(photo Royal Family Twitter)

Hang on a minute. This might be day three and the easiest going of the treks so far in the Countess of Wessex's cycle ride for the Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge but where's the cake? We'd got used to snaps of Sophie eating cake on breaks in her journey. Today, there was literally no cakes in sight. The Diamond Challenge bike ride has taken a turn.

Crown Princess Victoria in New York

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden in New York on September 19th 2016

All royal roads lead to New York right now as the UN General Assembly meets there. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is among them with a four day agenda in the Big Apple covering a range of issues. It's her first big overseas trip since giving birth to Prince Oscar in March and there's a full diary for the future queen of Sweden as she gets her autumn agenda well and truly under way.

Felipe's full agenda in New York

King Felipe of Spain addresses the UN General Assembly in New York
(photo casareal Twitter)

This year has been up and down for King Felipe VI of Spain and while his country's politicians remain in turmoil over who will form the next government, the royal agenda has thinned out. Overseas trips have been cancelled, meetings have been postponed and engagements have been put on hold while political talks take precedence. But this week, Felipe and Letizia are in New York for the UN General Assembly and the King of Spain seems set on making the most of every minute he is there.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sophie's cycle: day two

The Countess of Wessex, complete with cake on day two of her cycle ride
(photo Royal Family Twitter)

The Countess of Wessex is keeping up the cake count, we all need to be very proud. As Sophie cycles her way from Scotland to England, she needs plenty of energy to help her complete the 436 mile route from Holyrood Palace to Buckingham Palace. And on day two, she's posed again for team photos with cake in hand. Total respect to the Countess.

Prinsjesdag 2016

The royal balcony appearance on Prinsjesdag 2016
(photo koninklijkhuis Twitter)

The third Tuesday in September can mean only one thing. Big hats, carriages and knock em sideways flowers. Yes, it's Prinsjesdag time again and 2016 has come up trumps.

Stepping out with Harry

Prince Harry puts his best foot forward on a visit to Aberdeen
(photo Kensington Palace Instagram)

There's no one like it for stepping out in style. Prince Harry has spent the day in Aberdeen hearing about how sport and mentoring can help social development. The day had plenty of serious points - Harry also spoke about losing his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. But despite that, the prince was keen to keep smiling and he kept up his reputation for having fun, no matter what.  It's time to step out with Harry.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Royals at the UN

King Felipe of Spain speaking at a UN meeting today
(Espana en la ONU Twitter)

The General Assembly of the United Nations is getting under way in New York with days of high level talks and a particular focus on the refugee and migrant crises in different parts of the world. And there was plenty of regal representation as royals from around the world joined in.

Sophie's cycle starts

Everything stops for tea, even on a Diamond Challenge cycle ride. The Countess of Wessex refuels on her bike marathon for the Duke of Edinburgh Award
(photo Royal Family Twitter)

One day down, six to go. The Countess of Wessex has begun her epic cycle ride from Edinburgh to London and packed plenty into the beginning of a trip that will take her 436 miles to complete. Sophie smiled through the pain, dodged the rain and even found time for cake as she started her Diamond Challenge to celebrate sixty years of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

A royal welcome for a new prime minister

The Queen has welcomed Theresa May to Balmoral
(photo Marc Proudfoot via Flickr)

The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has been welcomed to Balmoral and there was a right royal turnout for her debut at this regal residence. As expected, the Prime Minister met the Queen but there were plenty of other members of the House of Windsor there to say hello to the politician who took the keys to Number 10 in July.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Princess Madeleine in New York

Princess Madeleine of Sweden at the United Nations in New York on September 16th 2016
(photo Princess Madeleine Facebook)

Princess Madeleine of Sweden has been back to the city she used to call home for a cause very close to her heart. The princess has been in New York for a high level meeting on children's rights followed by a gala in support of the foundation set up by her mum to protect young people around the world. It's been big issues in the Big Apple for Madeleine.

Friday, 16 September 2016

A gala night out in Sweden

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia lead the royal turnout at a gala dinner in Stockholm

Last year, the Sweden Dinner given by King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia was all about babies. Crown Princess Victoria had just announced her second pregnancy and was showing a very discreet little bump in a rather glorious sequinned dress. Meanwhile, her newly married sister in law, Princess Sofia, was looking rather radiant herself although the official announcement of her great expectations was still several weeks away,  After the baby boom of autumn 2015, September 2016 was all about leaving the royal babies to sleep while their mums and dads got back to work.

William to the rescue on a visit to Essex

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Essex
(photo Kensington Palace Twitter)

He's used to helping people in distress as part of his work as an air ambulance pilot but the Duke of Cambridge's latest rescue was slightly more ceremonial. William had to pick a Vice Lord Lieutenant up off the floor after the royal representative took a tumble at the start of a visit to Harlow in Essex.

Sapphires for September: Luxembourg

Spot the sapphire - the sparkling Nassau tiara as worn by Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg in an official portrait
(photo Grand Cour Ducale)

Sapphires have sparkled in regal jewel collections for centuries and their deep blue colour is as much associated with royalty as any other. The birthstone for September can be found in stunning settings in the jewel boxes of many of the current ruling houses of Europe. Here's Luxembourg's dazzling diadem in sapphires for September.

Letizia's birthday serenade

Letizia comes over all shy as she's wished a happy birthday on a night out in Madrid

When you're a queen, birthdays tend towards the classy. As Letizia of Spain turned 44, there were no exceptions to that regal rule. The consort of Spain was serenaded on her special day by opera singers with their own version of Happy Birthday.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Handsome Harry's birthday album

Prince Harry turned 32 on September 15th 2016
(photo Kensington Palace Twitter still)

One prince, one birthday, a whole lot of photos. As Prince Harry turns 32, he's got plenty to celebrate and a lot to look forward to. And it's worth having a little look back at the year just gone and some stand out moment celebrated in stand out pictures of this handsome prince. Happy Birthday, Harry.

Four big royal celebrations for September 15th

Harry of Wales celebrates his birthday on September 15th
(picture Kensington Palace Twitter still)

September 15th is pretty important in modern royal history. A quartet of celebrations are marked on the date every year, making it about as regal a day in the diary as you can find, Three birthdays and one accession with their own place in the royal story of 21st century Europe.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Royal Wardrobe poll winners

Prince Alexander of Sweden's antique lace wasn't included in this week's Royal Wardrobe poll

This week's Royal Wardrobe poll was all about the christening of Prince Alexander of Sweden and while the star of the show wore the vintage outfit on offer very well, it was his mother and one of his aunties who won the royal style stakes. The first poll of autumn ended in a tie between Princess Sofia's white lace and Crown Princess Victoria's coral basketweave. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Sweden's royals at the opening of parliament

Sweden's Royal Family at the opening of the country's parliament on September 13th 2016
(photo kungahuset)

There were horses, there were carriages and there was a lot of black and white. The Royal Family of Sweden traditionally opens parliament in monochrome and as they stepped out as one just days after the christening of Prince Alexander, that habit was holding fast. The official opening of parliament in Sweden went perfectly to plan.

A royal start to the school year

Queen Letizia gets the school year started in Almeria

The first day of class can be nerve wracking enough but when there's a royal guest in the room, the pressure is even greater. Pupils turning up to school in Almeria had a very special visitor as they marked the official start of the new academic year as Queen Letizia joined in the celebrations there.

Monday, 12 September 2016

George and Charlotte to visit Canada

Us Four - the Cambridges will visit Canada as a family at the end of September
(photo Kensington Palace Twitter)

Kensington Palace has confirmed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will accompany their parents on their trip to Canada at the end of the month. George, who is three, and Charlotte, now 17 months old, were widely expected to travel with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, extended an invitation to the whole family. Today, with twelve days to go until take off, their presence has been confirmed.

Back to school for Leonor and Sofia

Leonor and Sofia of Spain, seen here with their parents, have left the summer behind them
(TVE still)

All summer holidays must come to an end. Today, it was the turn of the heir to the Spanish throne and her sister to put the fun of sun and sand behind them and let autumn return.  Leonor and Sofia have gone back to school.

Prince Alexander of Sweden's official christening photos

Prince Alexander of Sweden with his parents, Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip, on the day of his christening, September 9th 2016

The official portraits marking the christening of Prince Alexander of Sweden have been released. The photos, taken by Matthias Edwall, add another chapter to the royal story of the littlest prince in the House of Bernadotte.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Royal Wardrobe: starting on trend

Princess Charlene at the picnic held in Monaco at the weekend
(photo Palais Princier Facebook)

Start as you mean to go on. And that's just what the royal women of Europe have done as autumn gets under way. This week's regal style has been about as on trend as it comes with four stand out looks to get the season started. Here's this week's Royal Wardrobe (and there's more on trend royal fashion on a special post all about Prince Alexander's christening).

A picnic for Prince Jacques

Prince Jacques of Monaco with his parents at the traditional picnic held every year for the people of his country
(photo Palais Princier Facebook)

All kids love a picnic and Prince Jacques of Monaco got one with very royal associations on September 10th as he accompanied his mum and dad to one of Monaco's special events. The heir to the throne went to the annual picnic held for the people of Monaco and this sovereign in waiting looked as if he already has this duty sorted and in the bag.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Royals on the Vanity Fair best dressed list for 2016

The Queen is given a special citation in the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List 2016
(photo BBC still)

When it comes to style, the list everyone wants to be seen on is the one produced by Vanity Fair every year. And in 2016, two queens of royal elegance have been mentioned in the line up. Maxima of the Netherlands makes it on to the list while Elizabeth II, in the year she marks her 90th birthday, is given a special citation. Fashion rules.