Thursday, 30 November 2017

Royal Christening Countdown: Prince Gabriel's godparents

Stop thinking weddings for just a moment. We've got another big royal event this week - Prince Gabriel of Sweden is christened on December 1st. Ahead of his big day, the Swedish Royal Court has announced the names of his godparents. Here's who gets the honour of standing sponsor to Gabriel.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

8 May Royal Brides

May is about to get a new royal bride. Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry in May 2018 at St. George's Chapel, Windsor. The month's collection of royal brides already contains some of the most famous to say 'I do' in recent years and while Meghan will get plenty of attention on her big day, these women have also starred in celebrations that made headlines around the world. As Meghan starts to prepare for her spring wedding in Windsor, here are eight royal brides who also got married in May....

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Ten royal brides of St. George's, Windsor

It's already got a mighty royal wedding pedigree and a whole new exciting chapter called 2018 is about to be added on. St. George's Chapel, Windsor will be the setting for not one but two royal weddings this year. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marry there on May 19th while in the autumn, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank will wed within its ancient walls. Harry and Meghan say Windsor is very special to them and the two weddings there this year will mean three of the Queen's grandchildren will have chosen it for their marriages. But St. George's already has a stand out place in the history of royal weddings. For Windsor has seen many regal marriages over the years. As Meghan  and Eugenie prepare to join their ranks, here's a look at ten royal brides whose special day started at St. George's Windsor...

Royal Wedding 2018: Harry and Meghan's wedding month and venue revealed


Clear the diary, check the calendar and send out save the dates. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have revealed when and where they are getting married. The big day is in May 2018 and the couple will say 'I do' at St. George's Chapel, Windsor.

Royal Christening Countdown: granny's get ups

In the last five years, Queen Silvia has got used to christening cake. The Swedish consort has proudly watched the baptism of a grandchild five times already and on Friday she makes it a sweet six as she stands in the front row to see Prince Gabriel christened. It's a big moment for the whole family and there is something rather special for a mum to mark the milestones in the lives of her own children's children. Silvia is never anything less than dressed to impressed and these magical moments are no different. As the Queen of Sweden prepares to watch her latest little one at his christening, here's a look back at the baptisms of her five elder grandchildren. A quick reminder of granny's get ups as we continue the Royal Christening Countdown...

Monday, 27 November 2017

Royal Engagement: Harry and Meghan's first interview

The stars aligned....when your handsome prince says that about you then it really must be love. In their first TV interview together, newly engaged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed that their relationship got serious very quickly, they were set up by a mutual friend and neither had any idea of just how much interest their royal romance would cause. We also learned that the prince proposed while they cooked roast chicken together and Meghan didn't let him finish before she said 'yes'. And that was just in a couple of minutes. On the day of their engagement, Harry and Meghan really are wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Royal Engagement Rings: Meghan Markle

She's only gone and said yes. Meghan Markle accepted the proposal of that handsome prince, Harry, earlier on in November and today they confirmed the news we all wanted to hear. While Harry's dad, Prince Charles, broke the big news, it was his mother, Diana, who was at the fore during the first official photocall. For that sparkling ring on Meghan's finger is made of diamonds that once belonged to Diana. Let's take a moment to enjoy the newest royal engagement ring, that of Meghan Markle....

Royal Engagement: Harry and Meghan's first photocall

Could they look more loved up? Just hours after confirming the news that we all wanted to hear, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared for a photocall at the palace they will call home as newlyweds. It was short, it was sweet and it was super romantic.

Royal Engagement: the Windsor engagement rings

Just hours to go now until we see the sparkler that put the seal on the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Prince of Wales announced their betrothal earlier on today and the couple will do the now traditional photo call at 2pm on November 27th 2017 to show off the sparkler. Ahead of that, here's a look back at the engagement rings of the House of Windsor, a very sparkly story that's about to get a whole new chapter....

Harry and Meghan's engagement: the reaction

There has been some really lovely reaction to the really lovely news that Prince Harry is going to marry Meghan Markle. The engagment was announced by the Prince of Wales at 10am on November 27th 2017 and the couple are due to make an appearance this afternoon to show off the ring. Ahead of that, there has been plenty of reaction from their families. Here's how their nearest and dearest celebrated Harry and Meghan's engagement....

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged

Prince Harry is to marry Meghan Markle. The official announcement of their engagement has just been made by Clarence House. The wedding will take place in Spring 2018.

Royal Christening Countdown: The Dukes of Dalarna

Prince Gabriel of Sweden is christened on Friday. One of the highlights of the event will be granddad, King Carl XVI Gustaf, handing over the Order of the Seraphim to the little prince. But it won't be the first really regal present between proud monarch and grandson. Just days after his birth, the King of Sweden announced he had made his newest grandchild the Duke of Dalarna. It sure beats bootees and it's something of a tradition with all of Carl Gustaf's descedants enjoying a ducal title. Gabriel isn't the first Duke of Dalarna. This part of Royal Christening Countdown is all about the men who have held the title Gabriel now calls his own.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Harry and Meghan: where will they marry?

OK, you had a whole day off. After the Friday frenzy over whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are about to announce their engagement, Saturday was rather quiet on the will they wed front? That was yesterday. The Sunday papers are filled with yet more speculation about when they will wed - we all know it's going to happen, it's just a case of ticking the she said yes box publically and picking a date. Oh, and a venue. This handsome prince and his lovely bride have the whole of the UK to choose from but some venues are wriggling their way to the top of the desirable list. As Harry and Meghan dominate the news once more, here's a look at where they might wed....

Royal Wedding Rumours: the PM, police and still no ring....

You got a whole day off, stop moaning. After the Friday frenzy that was the countdown to the royal engagement which didn't happen, Saturday was a day of quiet if miserable reflection on the fact that Harry and Meghan didn't share their big news with us. Never mind. Sunday is about as crazy in love with these young royals as it's possible to be. The papers are filled with Harry and Meghan stories with the Prime Minister and the police involved and expert tips on when to expect the engagement anno. Apparently any day between now and New Year apart from Christmas Day. And if you keep on looking, someone will no doubt find a good reason to start a rumour that Hazza will propose live during the Queen's speech and pluck a vintage royal sparkler from the tree to seal the deal. To keep on top of all this wedding fever, here's a round up of the latest royal wedding rumours....

Saturday, 25 November 2017

A week of royal style misses

We all love a bit of royal style and there's usually plenty to go round. But we all have off weeks and in the last seven days, there have been some seriously questionable outfits this week from Europe's royals.  So let's enjoy the fact that even these super stylish stars can sometimes get it wrong and settle down for a string of royal style misses....

The brides who came across the sea to marry into Windsor

After a frenzy of excitement about a possible royal engagement on Friday, it's back to the waiting game this weekend. Any upcoming royal nuptials are still top secret but that doesn't change the fact that just about all of us have decided Prince Harry is going to marry Meghan Markle. And if when he does, his bride will be joining a rather select club. For the House of Windsor has brought mostly homeborn brides into its ranks. Despite that, some of those saying 'I do' have travelled across seas to marry into Windsor and Meghan will (probably) be the latest with that claim. So as we keep on waiting (it really only heightens the excitement more), here's a look back at some of the brides from other lands who have wed a Windsor....

Friday, 24 November 2017

Kate, the bump and another new dress: back to royal normality

After a frenzied 24 hours in which speculation was ramped up over just about every royal scenario you can imagine, we end in a rather normal situation. The regal week comes to an end with an appearance from the Duchess of Cambridge and a return to the far less fevered world of bump spotting, gender guessing and new evening gowns. Welcome to royal reality.

Harry and Meghan: how we knew it was love

Is today the day? Engagement speculation is so high for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that many a royal watcher has cancelled plans until at least 11am just in case Prince Charles has a small announcement to make. The bookies have stopped taking bets, the BBC has apparently lined up enough royal experts to sink a small punt and the bunting is being freshened up and pressed as we speak. There aren't really any clues to look for other than that royal press release. So as we wait and wonder, here's a look back to the hints Harry and Meghan gave us about their royal romance which began in the summer of 2016 and is making its way to the altar as we speak. This is how we knew it was love....

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Royal Wedding Rumours: is Harry about to marry Meghan

Stand by, this is your royal engagement warning. Social media is abuzz, and I mean ayyyy-buzzzzzzzz, about Harry and Meghan showing off the sparkler soon. As in tomorrow. As in less than 24 hours away. And there are some reasons why this really might be it. Stand by for the latest royal wedding rumours, quite possibly the last instalment before we turn into Royal Wedding Countdown....

Monday, 20 November 2017

Queen's 70th Wedding Anniversary: the wedding breakfast

Let's talk cake. The 70th wedding anniversary of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh is being celebrated with a private dinner for family and friends at Windsor Castle tonight but while they feast, we'll just get happy with a look back at what the rather substantial guest list tucked into at the royal wedding breakfast all those decades ago. We've got fish, game, fruit and a cake that is beyond legend. Hope you're hungry, here comes the royal wedding food list...

Queen's 70th Wedding Anniversary: the bridal party

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary today. They are marking the event privately, with a dinner at Windsor Castle, and one of the reasons for the lack of public celebration hinted at is that the couple feel it would remind them too much of all those they have lost. The passing of time and the fading of friends is perhaps best seen in the official photo with their wedding party. For of the eight bridesmaids who attended the Queen, just two are still alive while only one of her two cheeky pageboys is still here to celebrate with the couple he attended seventy years ago. The Duke of Edinburgh's best man, David, Marquess of Milford Haven, has also sadly passed away. The official photo of the wedding party is a reminder of those who were so loved and so important. On this special anniversary, here's a look back at the bridal party of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh....

Remembering the happy tears of Jana Novotna and a duchess

Jana Novotna, Tennis Player, Wimbledon Champion 1998
1968 - 2017

It was the ultimate tennis fairytale and the happy tears shared with a royal friend that we all wanted to see. When Jana Novotna won Wimbledon in 1998, it was the joyful ending to a sporting story with a duchess at its heart. As we mourn the passing of a tennis great, let's remember those happy tears.

Queen's 70th Wedding Anniversary: the Queen's wedding dress

What happens when you put together ration books, a row about silk worms and a 15th century Italian masterpiece? Why, one of the most famous royal wedding dresses of all, that's what. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary today. Seven decades may have passed since the world first got a glimpse of that gown but it still retains its power to wow. On this special day, here's a look back at the Queen's wedding dress....

Queen's 70th Wedding Anniversary: the Queen as a bride

All brides are beautiful but some linger in the memory forever. The Queen is in that category. OK, it helps that she's the Queen and millions watched her wedding while billions have no doubt seen the photos since. And we're all getting wedding excitement again as the Platinum anniversary of her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh arrives this November 20th. So to celebrate that very special moment, here's a look back at the Queen as a bride.....

Royal Platinum Wedding: Congratulations to the Queen and Prince Philip on 70 Years of Marriage

''In all essentials, exactly the same as it would have been for any cottager who might be married this afternoon''.. That's what the Archbishop of York said to Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten about their marriage as they wed on November 20th 1947 at Westminster Abbey. Plenty raised an eyebrow at that sentiment then and since. But in many ways, Cyril Garbet was right. For any marriage will always come down to the two people who enter into it. It might start in splendour but it relies on the hard work and unending hope of those saying 'I do' if it is to continue in glory. The Queen and Prince Philip, seven decades on, have proved that love really does conquer all.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Royal Platinum Wedding: the look of love as the Queen and Prince Philip celebrate 70 years of marriage

He looks like he can't believe his luck and she looks like she's pretending to ignore him. It was probably the same seventy years ago when the first decided to get married. In a new set of photos to mark their 70th wedding anniversary, the Queen and Prince Philip look like any couple in love. Which is why their wedding anniversary and all it celebrates is just really rather marvellous all round.

Royal Platinum Wedding: the bride, through veils of time

A princess, a queen in waiting, royal history in the making. Elizabeth was many things on her wedding day, November 20th 1947, but above all she was a bride. She was on show to the world and being scrutinised by millions but throughout that day there were moments just for her. Seventy years may have passed but some survive, caught on camera while the bride's thoughts were caught elsewhere. As the Queen and Prince Philip prepare to celebrate their Platinum Wedding Anniversary, here is Elizabeth the bride, through the veils of time...

Royal Platinum Wedding: the Queen's engagement ring

On a platinum anniversary, you need a platinum ring. With just hours to go until the 70th wedding anniversary of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, it's time to look back to the piece of jewellery being worn by the bride on the eve of her wedding. Her engagement ring was filled with sentiment, history and sparkle and has proved a royal classic in its own right. As the anniversary approaches, here's a look back at the Queen's engagement ring....

Royal Platinum Wedding: the bride's grandmother

Norman Hartnell made a lot of frocks for the royal wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten on November 20th 1947. But while he was no doubt sweating over making the bride's gown perfect and ensuring that her mum looked marvellous in another of his creations, the frock that may have caused most fear was the one he made for Queen Mary. The Queen's granny was nothing if not formidable so this was no easy commission. Here's how Hartnell helped create the perfect granny of the bride....

Royal Platinum Wedding: 5 other royal events of 1947

In the end, it is the royal event we all remember from 1947. The marriage of the then Princess Elizabeth to Philip Mountbatten on November 20th 1947 has gone down in history as a regal milestone and the start of an historic story. But it wasn't the only major royal event that year.
Three reigns came to an end, two tenures began, one monarchy ended for good. There was also a regency and a tragic event that would change another throne forever. Here are five more royal events of 1947...

Royal Platinum Wedding: the official photo

You don't get out of a major royal wedding anniversary without an official photo or two and with just hours to go until they mark 70 years of marriage, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have opened up the latest chapter in their album with a portrait by Matt Holyoak of Camera Press.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Royal Platinum Wedding: Europe's other monarchical marriages

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are about to break yet another royal record. On November 20th 2017 they will mark their 70th wedding anniversary, the first British royals to make that milestone. But how do Europe's other monarchs match up when it comes to marital marks? As Elizabeth II and her consort prepare for their platinum, here's a run down of how the sovereigns of Europe measure in the matrimonal market....

Royal TV takeover

If you love the royals, then grab the sofa. They are taking over the TV. There's some right royal treats coming up on the tellybox so settle down, find the choccies and veg out, regal style.....

Royal Platinum Wedding: the mother of the bride

All eyes might be on the bride on her big day but there's one other person feeling the style pressure. The mother of the bride. Not only is she seeing her little girl begin a whole new chapter of her life, she's got to have a hat that could stop traffic or no one is going home truly happy. That was never going to be a problem at the Queen's wedding on November 20th 1947. We all know how her mum loved a hat. And on the day her dynasty made more history, this Queen Elizabeth was more than ready for her close up.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Royal Wedding Tiaras: the Queen and Princess Anne

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on their wedding day

A tiara worn by the longest reigning monarch in British history and her only daughter for their marriages is going to take some beating as a royal wedding diadem and this delight of diamonds is pretty hard to top. The sparkling fringe tiara chosen by the then Princess Elizabeth and her daughter, Princess Anne, for their weddings had plenty of royal pedigree before its starring role in their big days. And now it's known just as much for its part in the weddings of Elizabeth II and Anne, Princess Royal. This really is a royal wedding tiara.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

ICYMI: busy Windsor bees

The House of Windsor has got the shoulder to the proverbial. The week is still building up to its crescendo and we've already got appearances as far as the eye can see. From catch ups at children's centres to catch up with superstar athletes, it's been busy and varied. ICYMI, here's what the Windsors have been doing so far this week.

Royal Wedding Dresses: Princess Anne

Anne, Princess Royal on the day she married Captain Mark Phillips, November 14th 1973

Everything in fashion comes around again and right now, the sleeves on the wedding dress worn by Anne, Princess Royal, for her first marriage on November 14th 1973 are so hot they need a bucket of ice. Statement and then some, they are the most famous feature of this elegant gown which was wowed over by millions as the only daughter of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh said 'I do' on November 14th 1973 to Captain Mark Phillips. The marriage ended in 1992 but the couple remain friends and the dress remains a royal icon.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Royal Remembrance: the Cenotaph

It is a tradition approaching its 100th anniversary and although it took a different form this year, it was none the less moving or poignant for it. The Queen led the nation in remembering those who lost their lives in conflict on Remembrance Sunday. But for the first time she oversaw proceedings from the balcony of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office while her heir, the Prince of Wales laid her wreath. It was a heartfelt tribute and a moment of history.

Royal Platinum Wedding: the other anniversaries

The marriage of a monarch and her consort
November 20th 1947
(photo Wiki Commons)

The Queen and Prince Philip are about to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary, yet another milestone in a reign that has seen both monarch and consort break records and make royal history over and over again. The couple, then just 21 and 26, married on November 20th 1947. Seven decades on, they look as loved up as they did on that special day. They are the first royal couple in British history to celebrate seventy years of marriage. In the run up to this historic moment, here's a chance to look back at how they celebrated their other landmark anniversaries....

The Queen leads Royal Remembrance

The Queen has led the Royal Family as it begins the solemn events that surround her country's annual commemoration of those who gave their lives for it in conflict. On the eve of Remembrance Sunday, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were joined by other members of their family at the Festival of Remembrance. The poppies fell and the poignant process of remembering began.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Royal Platinum Wedding: the marriage it made

It's said that a really good wedding should always lead to another. The Queen's wedding, on November 20th 1947, was a real cracker and in true romantic tradition another marriage followed as a result. But while the regal lovebirds might have been happy ever after with each other, it was very far from a complete royal fairytale. For the monarchical marriage made in Westminster Abbey that winter's day was that of Michael and Anne of Romania.

We Will Remember Them

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.
In memory and with gratitude, today and always

Friday, 10 November 2017

Citrines for November: Luxembourg

Sparkling in citrines - Stephanie of Luxembourg in a very unusual tiara
(photo By Frankie Fouganthin - Own workCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wiki Commons)

November has two birthstones but finding royal jewels featuring either citrine or topaz is a bit of an ask. These two jewels come in stunning colours but they aren't favourites in the jewellery boxes of the ruling houses of Europe right now. However, there is one rather striking tiara featuring citrines which you can't fail not to notice. Welcome to Citrines for November.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Prince Harry's Solo Salute

It was a solitary salute this year and none the less poignant for it. Prince Harry attended opening of the Fields of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey on November 9th 2017 to pay tribute to all those who have lost their lives while fighting for their country. But while Harry has been a regular at this event for several years now, this time round things were different. For this was the first time the prince walked the lines of poppies since the retirement of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Royal Baby Number 3: the maternity wardrobe starts here

Stand by, Cambridge baby number three is really making a mark. We've known that Kate is pregnant again since September but in the last twenty four hours, that baby bump has had a proper debut. And today was another landmark in the eagerly watched great expectations of Kate, part three. For today, the duchess debuted maternity wear.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Royal Baby Number 3: here comes the bump

It's always a special moment in any pregnancy, the time that baby starts to make their presence well and truly known. A baby bump is a very personal thing but also a very public sign that new life is on the way. We already knew that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expecting baby number three (that is, unless, you've been under a rock since September) and while the smallest hint of a curvy tum had been seen on Kate's previous public appearances since the announcement, a gala dinner in London provided an opportunity for everyone to go maternity mad. Yep, here comes the bump.

Monday, 6 November 2017

State Visit Sparklers: Israel to Spain

You don't need to get overly excited here. As the King and Queen of Spain hosted their first incoming State Visit since February, there were only ever really two options on the tiara table for the banquet that Felipe and Letizia hosted for the President of Israel and his wife at the Royal Palace in Madrid on the night of November 6th 2017. As Queen of Spain, Leti has only ever cracked out the Floral Tiara or La Buena and given the state of her country right now, bringing out all the bling was never an option. So settle back and enjoy the sparkle of Letizia's diamond flowers, part 9843.

The royal look of love

It's a landmark to love and Philippe and Mathilde looked more than loved up on their visit to this special place. On day one of their State Visit to India, the King and Queen of the Belgians spent some time at the Taj Mahal and couldn't have been more romantic if they tried. The couple only had eyes for each other despite being accompanied by a huge diplomatic delegation and quite a lot of media. Today was all about the royal look of love.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Royal Wedding Rumours: November's first whispers

Another week, another round of royal rumours about engagements and weddings involving a certain prince called Harry and Meghan Markle. This week has been fairly quiet on the wedding whispers front but there's still more than enough to plough through as we head into November, long tipped to be the month when Harry and Meghan will do the whole show off a diamond thing at St James' Palace. As the big month dawned, there was lots of talk about clothes, homes and nicknames. Time to get busy with a round up of royal wedding rumours....

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Royal Social Media: October's Instagram hits

Social media is fast becoming THE way royal houses choose to communicate. In an age where news moves faster than fast and often gets boiled down to a few words and a picture or two, official social media channels help set the agenda while keeping a seemingly insatiable appetite for royal stories going. What the royal houses choose to post on their official Instagram accounts tells us what they want to show to the world. What gets the most likes tells us just what hits a nerve. So to see what really got royal audiences going in October, here's a run down of the most popular Instagram posts on each official royal account. It's going to be busy - we're off to a swimming pool, climbing trees and trying out a bit of ballet. And you have to wait til the end for the biggest hit of the month. Grab the tea and biccies and enjoy October's royal social media hits.