Thursday, 6 August 2015

Black and gold for Spain's two queens

Maybe next year, King Felipe should take the night off. For the second August in a row he has hosted a reception in Mallorca for local authorities but while he might be in charge, all eyes were on the two queens in his life. In 2015, just like his first year as monarch, this particular evening was all about his wife, Letizia, and his mother, Sofia.

And the king came too....Felipe VI of Spain with his consort and his mother in Mallorca

It may well be that Queen Letizia chose an all black outfit on a dark night in Mallorca as a sign of mourning for her grandfather who died last week at the age of 98. But as she stepped out with her country's other queen, Sofia, they made a sharp contrast against the deep evening light at La Almudaina. One in black, one in gold. The king came too.

Letizia's outfit proved controversial, of course. This is a queen with a fashion sense that always manages to get someone talking. The black trousers weren't the problem, it was the transparent parts of her top that raised questions about its suitability for a royal occasion.


 Meanwhile, there were no surprises from Queen Sofia who does love a smart casual trouser outfit on a summer's night. It wouldn't really be August without seeing Sofia in a kind of formal pyjama set and this year she went for gold on white. And it was really rather nice. Only she could get away with it but it worked.


Meanwhile, Felipe put on his best navy suit and added a red tie and stood between them. And kind of got ignored. He might have been the host, but it was definitely the queens' party.


The event for local authorities and members of society on Mallorca is a traditional moment on the royal stay on the island. Following the handshakes, there was a reception inside but while Felipe was hosting, as he made his way in the images were still all about the two queens in Spain. This might have been the monarch's night but it really was a case of the king came too.


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