Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Leonor and Sofia steal the show on Spain's National Day

They laughed, they smiled, they gestured, they looked excited. We don't get to see Leonor and Sofia of Spain that often but they made sure their latest appearance stuck in the memory. The future queen of Spain and her sister were charming and cheeky as they took part in celebrations for their country's national day. And suddenly their beleagured royal family has two new stars with sparkling futures.

King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor and the Infanta Sofia
Spain's National Day Parade, Madrid, October 12th 2015

The two girls seemed to have the times of their lives as they settled into the royal box to watch the big parade that marks this day in Spain every year. They briefly came close to losing the spotlight when a regimental goat trotted on to the scene but they were both so entranced by him that they soon reinstated themselves as protagonists. It was fascinating to see these two young royals who haven't had that much chance to take part in engagements so clearly enjoying themselves and finding their feet as public figures. Their confidence and calm demeanour implied there were no nerves here for the young heiress and her own next in line.

The girls, wearing autumnal shades, looked relaxed throughout the whole morning with Sofia reacting to many of the sights with giggles and gestures. Leonor chatted happily with her sister and mum while dad did the serious saluting.

But it was as a duo, two sisters with a shared destiny, that Leonor and Sofia came into their own on National Day 2015. The looks, the giggles, the chatter was what caught everyone's attention as their father took control of this big event for the second time as a king.

 The girls skipped the reception at the Palacio Real which every year sees their parents attempting a world record for the most hands ever shaken at a royal event. It didn't matter that they weren't there or that their mum took off her coat to show off a new frock. The stars of the show had already been decided - National Day in Spain in 2015 was all about Leonor and Sofia.

And there will be a new post about Letizia's outfit later.

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