Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Harry's secret

He wanted us all to #feelnoshame and he succeeded. Prince Harry kept everyone guessing by revealing that he was about to, well, reveal all. Monday December 1st at 1pm was the big moment. He promised to tell us something we didn't know as part of a campaign organised by his charity, Sentebale, for World Aids Day. #feelnoshame was a chance to share a secret that made you blush a bit to try and stamp out the stigma felt by children with HIV and AIDS. And what was Harry hiding? The fact that he gets nervous in public, that's what.

A still from the video in which Prince Harry shared his secret

The prince said he got 'incredibly nervous' before speaking in front of an audience no matter how big or small it was. And he added that he got 'anxious' when he had to walk into a room wearing a suit. He acknowledged that he might be joking and laughing on the outside but inside he was jelly.

The prince made his admission in a short video published by his charity, Sentebale, which works with children in Lesotho. The prince helped found the organisation in 2004 and since then he has worked with it to help vulnerable children and 'the forgotten victims of poverty'. He also released another special video message to mark World Aids Day in which he talked again about the way that children and adults alike feel ashamed of having HIV and AIDS which means they never ask for medical care, He wants to end that stigma so that anyone with concerns they might have the condition talk about their symptoms to friends or family as well as experts so that they can get treatment and support.

Harry also went on to confess that he realises that now he's made his secret public he will probably get even more nervous when about to make a speech as he'll be thinking that everyone knows that the calm and cool exterior masks a worried prince. But the fact that he was willing to take that chance for his new campaign shows just how important it is to him to help children coping with HIV and AIDS #feelnoshame as they take on the world.

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