Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Red Queens

Against a backdrop of winter white skies a queen needs to stand out. When the clouds are grey and the world is wrapped in black and navy against the dark days of December, a consort needs to announce her presence. And what better way than a dash of brash colour? The longest reigning queen consort on the continent and the newest in the royal wives' club both chose the same answer to the dilemma of drabness this week. Silvia of Sweden and Letizia of Spain became the Red Queens.

Letizia in red on her arrival in Berlin on December 1st 2014

The Spanish consort was seen in red on the first day of December when she arrived in Berlin with her husband for an introductory visit to Germany. Stepping off the plane and into sub zero temperatures, Letizia chose a bright red coat with matching scarf. There were no gloves or hats and the queen did look cold as she took part in an official welcome. And if anyone had missed the scarf they knew all about it by the time she got inside as she clutched it to her chin to keep herself warm.

Still warming up - Queen Letizia signs the visitors book on her arrival in Berlin

There was another chance to see the combo later in the day when the royal couple visited the Brandenbeg Gate. And as temperatures plummeted further, Queen Letizia was still in red as she met the German chancellor, Angela, Merkel, as night began to fall.

Queen Silvia chose red for her arrival in Paris on December 2nd at the start of a state visit with her husband, King Carl XVI Gustaf,. As the royal couple made their way to the steps of the Elysee Palace to be greeted by the French President, Francois Hollande, the consort showed off a bright red coat matched with black hat and gloves. The Queen of Sweden was ready for the weather.

A queen in Paris - Silvia of Sweden on the steps of the Elysee Palace

Silvia was still in red for her visit to Paris St Germain Football Club that afternoon where the royal couple heard about te PSG Foundation which funds sport and education for children in less affluent areas. They also met one of the three Swedish players at the club, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Queen Silvia stands out in her red cost as she meets Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Paris St Germain

And the red was still in evidence as the queen visited the Swedish School and the Swedish Church in the City of Lights. The day may have been grey but Silvia, red queen for the day, stood out in the gathering winter gloom.

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