Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Royal Christmas Countdown: December 10th 2014

A Scandinavian Christmas tradition features on Royal Christmas Countdown today. Every year, as December grows darker and the days grow greyer and colder, the feast of St Lucia brings an opportunity to celebrate the return of light. The Feast of St Lucia allows children to take the lead in celebrations and traditionally involves the eldest daughter of the house wearing white with a headdress of candles as she wakes up the family and serves them saffron buns and coffee. The tradition is particularly strong in Sweden but in 1946 the future queen of Denmark took part. Margrethe, eldest daughter of Frederik IX and his wife, born Princess Ingrid of Sweden, dressed in the traditional costume as the tradition was taken to heart in her country.Now in Denmark St Lucia's Day is a chance to celebrate everything to do with children and to allow young people the focus on work helping other youngsters. The photo for today's countdown is of Queen Margrethe dressed as for the feast of St Lucia in 1946.

And that photo, along with all the others from Royal Christmas Countdown, can be seen on the special page - just click the link above.

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