Thursday, 8 May 2014

George of the billion wishes

It's estimated that it's already had more than a billion views and despite being just a month old, it's already one of the most famous royal photos of recent years.  So it's no real surprise that the regal photo of future king, Prince George, cuddling his mother has been voted best royal photo of April 2014.

This already celebrated photo, taken by Simon Woolf for the Governor General of New Zealand, caught a future king on his first official engagement

And April was a month filled with famous royal images.  But this photo of Kate and George took forty three per cent of the votes cast in the latest vote.  In second place, with thirty seven per cent of the votes were the historic images of Willem-Alexander leading the celebrations on the first ever King's Day in the Netherlands.

The King's Day - Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands leads celebrations on an historic day for his country and his monarchy

And an equally historic image took third place with eighteen per cent of votes.  The photo of the Queen with the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, during his State Visit - the first by an Irish president to the UK - is laden with symbolism.

A moment in time, a new chapter in history - the Queen and Michael D Higgins at Windsor Castle in April 2014

But it was the photo of George that most people wished to place as the best of April 2014.  It's been the subject of a billion views, a billion sighs and this already celebrated image is only going to get more famous as time goes by.

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