Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mary and Frederik, ten years on

Ten years on, the fairytale continues but the next decade of the marriage of Frederik and Mary of Denmark will bring many changes with it.  The couple themselves have their eyes firmly on the future if the photos they have chosen to mark the occasion are anything to go by.  For many of them feature their four children who, by the time their parents mark twenty years of marriage, will be teenagers about to embark on their own royal careers.

Christian, Josephine, Vincent and Isabella of Denmark - and Ziggy the dog - in a special photo released to mark their parents' tenth wedding anniversary

Christian will be eighteen, Isabella seventeen and the twins, Josephine and Vincent, will have just turned thirteen by the time Mary and Frederik make it two decades of wedded bliss.  Their parents will still have the most royal responsibility but the attention will be turning to them and their hopes, dreams and ambitions.  The birth of their four children have been the highlights of the decade that has passed since Frederik and Mary said 'I do' and the future of those children will be the focus of the coming ten years.  And it is perhaps appropriate that on this special anniversary, most of the photos celebrating their ten years of marriage feature the little princes and princesses who are their greatest reason to celebrate.

 A very happy family - the future king and queen of Denmark with their children 

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