Saturday, 1 July 2017

8 Royal Birthdays for July

July isn't nearly as popular for royal birthdays right now as some of the earlier months of the year (April and June. we're looking at you). But there are plenty of high profile names marking their big days in July. And this year, this rather select band are packing in the landmark celebrations. Everywhere you look, there's a royal milestone to be marked. Here are the names you need to put on the royal birthday card list for the month ahead.

Queen Sonja of Norway in 80 on July 4th 2017
Sonja Haraldsen was born on July 4th 1937 in Oslo, the daughter of Karl and Dagny Haraldsen. She grew up in the Norwegian capital where she studied dressmaking as well as accounting. After a nine year courtship, she became engaged to the then Crown Prince of Norway, Harald, in 1968 and they married in August that year. She became Queen of Norway on January 17th 1991 and this year there has been huge popular support for her and her husband as they celebrate their 80th birthdays.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is 40 on July 14th 2017
There's another big birthday in Scandinavia this summer as the future Queen of Sweden turns 40. Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree was born on July 14th 1977 at the Karolinska Hospital, Solna. She is the first child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia but at the time of her birth had no right to succeed to her country's throne. A change in the law meant that on January 1st 1980 she became Crown Princess of Sweden, relegating her new baby brother to second in line to the throne. Victoria grew up in Stockholm and in 2010 she married Daniel Westling. The couple has two children, Estelle and Oscar.

The Duchess of Cornwall is 70 on July 17th 2017
Landmark birthday number three is that of the Duchess of Cornwall who reaches 70 this July.  Camilla Rosemary Shand was born on July 17th 1947 at King's College Hospital, London, the first child of Major Bruce Shand and his wife, Rosalind. She grew up in East Sussex. She married Andrew Parker Bowles in 1973 and had two children. Her relationship with the Prince of Wales was then over (they had met in 1971) but its resumption in the 1980s caused huge controversy. Camilla Parker Bowles married the Prince of Wales in April 2005.

Felipe de Marichalar y Borbon is 19 on July 17th 2017
Felipe Juan Froilan de Todos los Santos de Marichalar y Borbon was born on July 17th 1998 in Madrid, He is the first child and only son of Infanta Elena of Spain and her former husband, Jaime de Marichalar. Froilan, as he is popularly called, is the eldest grandchild of King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia of Spain and his birth caused huge celebrations as it guaranteed the succession of the latest incarnation of the House of Bourbon. He is now fourth in line to the Spanish throne.

Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway is 44 on July 20th 2017
Haakon Magnus of Norway was born on July 20th 1973 in Oslo, the first son and second child of Harald and Sonja, then Crown Prince and Princess. He became heir to his country's throne on January 17th 1991 when his father succeeded as King Harald V. He was educated in Norway and the USA. He married Mette-Marit Tjessem Hoiby in August 2001 and they have two children together, Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Margnus.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover is 18 on July 20th 2017
There's yet another landmark birthday going on in July as Princess Caroline sees her youngest child get the key to the door as she turns 18.  Alexandra Charlotte Ulrike Maryam Virgina of Hanover was born on July 20th 1999 in Vocklabruck, Austria, the only child of the marriage of Prince Ernst August of Hanover and Princess Caroline of Monaco. She is often seen at royal events in Monaco and has competed as a figure skater for the country. 

Prince Felix of Denmark is 15 on July 22nd 2017
Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian of Denmark was born on July 22nd 2002 in Copenhagen, the second son of Prince Joachim and his first wife, Princess Alexandra. He is the second grandchild of Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik. Felix lives in Copenhagen and is seen at major royal events including birthday celebrations for his grandmother.  Earlier this year he made his confirmation.

Prince George of Cambridge is 4 on July 22nd 2017
George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born on July 22nd 2013 at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington. He is the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and third in line to the throne. One of the most famous babies in the world from birth,  he is growing up in London and Norfolk with his younger sister, Princess Charlotte.  In September, he starts school.

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