Monday, 10 July 2017

Letizia's State Visit Style Pointers: the hats

The Spanish State Visit gets under way in just two days time and to complete our look at what Queen Letizia might wear, we're going back to the beginning. The official welcome at Horse Guards Parade on Wednesday will involve carriages, guards of honour and enough pomp and ceremony to keep even the most ardent royal fan happy for weeks. But it also means hats. It's a but because Letizia isn't a great hat fan. In fact, you can count the number of times she's gone high profile in a hat on the fingers of one hand. None of her previous State Visits has seen her reach for a hat but we do have some examples from weddings and other big royal events. Hat or no hat is still a big question but if a box with a brim is carried off the flight at Luton on Wednesday, here are some pointers as to what might be in it...

Perhaps Letizia's most high profile hat to date came on another trip to London. When the still Princess of Asturias attended the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th 2011, she arrived at Westminster Abbey dressed in peach with a big hat to match. Given that hats are such a rarity, Letizia packed everything into this one. It's a full crown affair with big brim folded backwards with a tiny net veil to complete the front.

Turn this royal around and we've got feathers and a huge flower plus acres of curls tumbling out of the back. There's just too much going on here for it to truly work and the style doesn't seem to match the dress. The pointer to take - more is less when it comes to Letizia and hats.

There was a whole lot of hat going on the next year when Letizia and Felipe attended the wedding of Guilluame and Stephanie of Luxembourg. This time round, Letizia went for a pale straw hat with huge brim that did that always clever fold back off the face thing which adds plenty of interest.

Dare we say it. this one is almost too pale for the deep lavender coat and dress? But we can definitely say that any hat Letizia pops on her head will have detail. This one featured a huge set of frothy flowers on the crown. It does come close to dominating the whole look and follows the want a hat, here's a hat attitude of her other wedding look.

Letizia's most interesting hat to date came at the accession celebrations of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands on April 30th 2011. You're either going to love or hate this one. To some, this is a flying saucer stuck to the side of Leti's head with some flowers to balance it up for good measure. To others, it's a chic and stylish way of doing difficult headwear. You decide.
If we do get a hat, this is the version we're probably least likely to see. This was a gala hat for a gala occasion and matched to a long dress that needed to sparkle at the beginning of a new royal reign. Yes, the Spanish State Visit is important but the official welcome dress code is slightly different. Flying saucers are the least likely option if we even get a hat at all. Don't forget to catch up with the other State Visit Style pointers here and check back for plenty of coverage of the trip itself when it gets under way on the morning of Wednesday July 12th 2017. 

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