Thursday, 20 July 2017

#RoyalVisitGermany: the pretzel prince

It wasn't his finest moment. The Duke of Cambridge tried his hand at pretzel making during the second part of #RoyalVisitGermany and ended up in a bit of a knot. William's cooking demonstration during his visit to Heidelberg left him in a definite second in the Cambridge competition stakes. But it didn't take long for the future king to put that right.

William and Kate were in Heidelberg on the second day of their visit to Germany. Their trip began with a visit to the German Cancer Institute where they were told about some of the important projects going on there.


 Stand back, we have royals at microscopes. Yes, we all love a royal visitor in a white coat trying out the tech and William and Kate both obliged as they saw some more of the work being carried out for themselves.

From there, it was on to the market square. The reception wasn't quite as big as it had been on a similar visit during their trip to Poland on Tuesday but there were still plenty of people keen to catch a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

They might not have been so keen to see William's pretzel making efforts. While Kate clearly watches Bake Off intently, flipping her pretzel into submission pretty much first time round, William sort of tried to follow instructions but ended up with a line of dough that looked roughly similar to the thing he had started off with in the first place.

He was just as confounded by a sweet making challenge - not even his host could resist telling the future king, again, what he was doing wrong. But you don't wake up every morning with the genes of some of the most famous conquering royals in your blood and let that be the end of it. Next up was a staple of a Cambridge royal tour, a sporting competition.


Kate meant business, tying her hair back as she settled into her seat for a rowing race. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge each coxed a team in this river competition but it was William who won. Not that it mattered one bit to him as you can see from his reaction at the end of the film below.

Beer all round as the winner - that would be William in case you hadn't noticed him celebrating - cracked open a keg of local beer and everyone tucked in.

In the evening, it was back to Berlin for a visit to the Clarchens Ballhaus for an evening all about local culture and arts.


 Clarchens is one of the last ballrooms left in Berlin but it's doing modern in an historic setting. During their visit, William and Kate met Game of Thrones star, Thomas Wlaschiha, and DJ Goldierocks as well as getting a tour of the area and meeting many of those who keep Clarchens going.

The final day of this five part royal visit to Europe will see William and Kate head to Hamburg on July 21st. Then it's home in time for George's fourth birthday - presumably, a photo of him at the airport isn't going to be the official portrait this time round.

Photo credit: Kensington Palace Instagram.

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