Thursday, 13 July 2017

Crown Princess Victoria at 40: a family of her own

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is 40 tomorrow. That's a milestone for anyone and the future queen is celebrating with several days of events (lots of photos here, keep checking back). As we wait for the party to get started, here's the last part of the picture album marking the major moments of her life so far. We've already seen how her royal story began and how she took on an historic role in the Swedish Royal Family.  Now it's time to look at how Victoria formed her own family, it's wedding and babies time.

Crown Princess Victoria announced her engagement to Olof Daniel Westling on February 24th 2009 and the couple took part in a photo call soon afterwards to show off the bride to be's solitaire diamond ring and some huge smiles. If Daniel, as he is always known, looked slightly nervous, who could blame him? Marrying a queen in waiting is a big deal.

The wedding took place on June 19th 2010 at Stockholm Cathedral. The date was also Victoria's parents 34th wedding anniversary. 

The marriage was attended by dozens of royals from around the world while huge crowds lined the streets for the celebrations. It was the biggest royal wedding since Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer's marriage in July 1981.

The couple welcomed their first child on February 23rd 2012. Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary was born second in line to the throne and christened in the Royal Chapel of the Royal Palace on May 22nd 2012. A female heir for Sweden's history making female heir.
A son joined the family on March 2nd 2016. Oscar Carl Olof, third in line to the throne, was christened on May 27th 2016 at the Royal Chapel of the Royal Palace.
As Victoria prepares to turn forty, she is living happily at the Haga Palace with Daniel, Estelle and Oscar. Her four decades have been action packed and as she marks this milestone and looks to the future, she has a happy family around her, all embarking on a royal journey together.
Photo credit: Erika Gerdemark.

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