Kate's bouncing back to health

After several months of severe morning sickness, it seems that Kate is bouncing back to health. The Duchess of Cambridge, now into the second trimester of her third pregnancy, looked to have put the Hyperemsis Gravidarum which forced her to stay indoors for the best part of two months behind her as she carried out her latest public engagement. It was anyone for tennis as Kate started her autumn agenda again.

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The Duchess of Cambridge was visiting the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton in her capacity as patron of the Lawn Tennis Association, a role she took on in December 2016 when the Queen passed it on to her. Kate was accompanied for the first time by her new private secretary, Catherine Quinn, who was appointed earlier this year.

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Kate's itinerary today included a chat about the work going on at the centre. A major aim of the Lawn Tennis Association is to get more people, especially youngsters, involved in the sport and the Duchess was able to hear about the programmes being rolled out to achieve this. Among them is Tennis for Kids which will give around 22,500 children across the UK the chance to learn the sport this year.

Then it was time for the obligatory royal playing sports shots. Kate took to the court with some of the children who have been learning tennis to try her skills and see how they are getting on. She took part in a coaching session run by Coach Core apprentices. They themselves are part of the Coach Core scheme which trains young people looking for work to become coaches. It was was set up by the Royal Foundation overseen by William, Kate and Harry who recently celebrated its achievements at a special event in London.

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If you were hoping for clue as to whether baby Cambridge number three is a boy or girl (we're getting close to the point where a scan might just say) then you're out of luck. There was no baby blue or pink anywhere to be seen as the duchess went all sporty sensible and turned up in black trackies. Which, as anyone who has ever been pregnant knows, is just about the only thing you ever really want to wear while waiting for baby.

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This is Kate's first pre announced solo engagement since the summer - her most recent appearances have been surprises as she has accompanied William and Harry to events already in their diary. Given how well she looked and the fact that in her previous two pregnancies, the effects of Hyperemsis Gravidarm have lessened considerably as she progressed into her second trimester, we can perhaps take this as a signal that Kate is over the worst of it. The Duchess of Cambridge is bouncing back to full health.

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