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The Duchess of Cambridge has returned to public engagements for the first time since announcing she was expecting another baby. Kate made her reappearance at an event for World Mental Health Day held at Buckingham Palace on October 10th 2017.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with Prince Harry hosted a reception at the palace for individuals and organisations working across the UK in the field of mental health. The cause has, of course, been a major one for all three royals over the past eighteen months since they launched their Heads Together initiative to put the spotlight on mental health issues.

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Kate's been given a lot of the credit for the project by her hubby. In a speech at an earlier reception today, William said that Kate had originally realised that all three young royals were doing a lot of work embracing different elements of mental health and suggested it would have more impact if they gave it a united front.

The Heads Together initiative has seen the royal trio take on joint and individual engagements to highlight different issues around mental health. This latest reception saw people working in all fields across the UK come together for a reception to mark World Mental Health Day.

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There was also a lot of excitement as it marked the first appearance of the Duchess of Cambridge since she confirmed baby number three was on the way. Kate has had Hyperemesis Gravidarum, as in her previous pregnancies, and has been out of the public eye while being treated for the condition. It's understood that it is still affecting her - as with George she has returned to public engagements before it has completely passed. With Charlotte, her first appearance came almost seven weeks after the pregnancy announcement and Kate admitted to feeling much better at that time.

So this was Cambridge baby bump debut number three and, as is to be expected when expecting number three, there was a definite hint of a rounded tummy as Kate's pregnancy progresses. Don't get too excited about the baby blue lace dress (by Templerley London). Kate is probably still less than twelve weeks into her pregnancy so determining the gender of baby Cambridge number three is still a guessing game.

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It's provided another opportunity for the royals to  highlight the importance of mental health. There is little doubt that this engagement would have won a lot of coverage anyway but interest has risen because it's the duchess' debut after that baby announcement that took so many by surprise. Kate's return is a winner all round.

Photo credit: Kensington Palace Instagram.


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