The Dancing Duchess

What's a duchess to do when a prince tells a life size bear to dance with her? Kate surprised everyone with an appearance at a charity event today and got a bit of a surprise herself when brother in law, Harry, suggested Paddington give her a twirl. Here's what happened to the dancing duchess.

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Kate wasn't expected at the event at Paddington Station which was celebrating children going through hard times. Over 100 youngsters had been chosen by the royal charities forum involving William, Kate and Harry to enjoy a special day out on board a steam train. But as the special guests got ready to depart, they found themselves with a right royal send off.

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The Duchess of Cambridge has only been seen once in public since the beginning of September when she confirmed she is expecting her third baby in the spring of 2018. Kate has been suffering from Hyperemsis Gravidarum, an extreme form of morning sickness, but Kensington Palace says she is now starting to feel better and her surprise appearance seemed to confirm that.

She joined the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry at Paddington to see off the train as the children began a day of adventures. And that's where the adventures began for Kate. Paddington Bear tried to get Prince Harry to dance with him but the fifth in line to the throne was having none of it performing his own version of a gentleman's excuse me and passing the bear dancing duties to his sister in law.

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Maybe it's being stuck indoors for the past five weeks. but Kate positively sprang into action, all but jiving along with the music and showing off a few deft moves of her own. The trio also had a chance to hop on board the train to chat to some of those lined up for a day of special treats.

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After going baby blue on us last week, Kate went for palest pink this time round. But with most estimates putting this duchess at just short of twelve weeks pregnant. the chances of knowing the gender of this latest royal baby right now are slim. Instead, we got a smiling appearance from a Kate apparently on the mend with plenty to put a spring in her step. No wonder this duchess was dancing.


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