Sweden's royal baby: Gabriel and brotherly love

Prince Gabriel of Sweden might only just have turned one month but he's already got a friend for life. As the newest royal on the continent debuts in official photos, his big brother Alexander is on hand to help him through. They are already an adorable royal double act and then some.

When Gabriel was born, his dad had a very special way of announcing it. He told the waiting press that ''Alexander has a little brother''. Since then, Alex has been as much the star of this show as Gabriel with the first official photos backing that up. In the main image, Prince Alexander is in the arms of his mum while his dad gazes happily at him. Gabriel features in another photo, too, where he is cuddled by Princess Sofia while Prince Carl Philip looks on.  

It's the second time we've had a good look at the littlest prince in Europe since his arrival. He was featured in a snap taken by dad soon after his birth. These latest photos are by Erika Gerdemark. Gabriel Carl Walther, Duke of Darlana was born on August 31st 2017, the second son of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden. He is sixth in line to the throne of Sweden and will be christened on December 1st 2017 at the Chapel of Drottninghom Palace.