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Just don't look at the fixed grin. There is tension all over the face of the Queen of Spain in the images coming from Oviedo for this year's Princesa de Asturias prizes but from a distance, Letizia is trying to give the impression she is carrying on as normal. Whether that's a wise decision given the crisis facing her country right now isn't certain but over the four appearances she made at the annual awards ceremony in the region of her birth, Letizia was trying to keep calm and carry on. She smiled, she waved, she bounced babies, she did what she does best and gave us a masterclass in style. Here's a look back at the queen from Asturias as she goes home one more time....

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Letizia's first appearance at this year's awards events came at the concert traditionally given on the eve of the big prize ceremony itself.  The concert took place at the Principe Felipe Auditorium in Oviedo - named in honour of Letizia's husband during his time as heir to the throne of Spain. The prizes were established in 1980, when Felipe was 12, and set up to consolidate the relationship between Asturias and its prince as well as to promote culture, sports and arts.

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Letizia chose a blue two piece outfit featuring a fitted, sleeveless top with dropped waist and a flared, pleated skirt. Blue might well be on trend in the coming months (has this queen ever knowingly not been at the forefront of fashion) but psychologists also mark it out as a colour of trust, faith and loyalty. It's also said to be beneficial to both mind and body. Considering the issues engulfing Spain right now, is that a co-incidence?

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The following day saw Letizia accompany Felipe to an audience honouring those who won this year's awards.  She looked tired and rather strained if we're being honest about things, as did her husband. but the show must go on, even if it is rather limited right now - Felipe and Letizia have carried out just a handful of engagements since the disputed referendum in Catalonia on October 1st 2017 which has left Spain in turmoil.

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The Queen of Spain chose a pale pink floral print dress with large hints of green across it. It was pretty and discreet if rather underwhelming. But given that the official social media account of the Spanish Royal Household is attracting a huge amount of comments right now asking who elected Felipe and Letizia to represent Spain, keeping it low key might well be the best option.

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However, sometimes a queen just has to make it regal and Letizia has always kept it stand out for the main awards ceremony in Oviedo. This year was no different. If the face said worried then the frock said wow and then some. It was vintage Letizia and she made the most of it.

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Letizia has made this rather striking black lace on pure white a bit of a trademark in recent years and she used it to fabulous effect on a Fifties style dress with a hint of a puffball at the hem. Yes, puffball. Now stay steady, it's only a hint and the dress is just gorgeous. And given that puffballs were last popular around 1987 when the Spanish monarchy was enjoying unparalleled levels of popularity, it might well be the best place for them all to imagine they are living right now.

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The annual event always ends with the King and Queen of Spain heading off to a small part of Asturias which has been named as the exemplary community of the area for the year. This is the chance to get out and about and meet and greet and usually involves some kind of food tasting/ craft making/ baby cuddling as things wind down.

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This year, Letizia was perhaps more formal than she's been in recent times for this event. She was back to blue for the visit to Porenu with a fitted jumper matched with grey trousers. But while she cuddled the youngsters and tried some traditional cider, there was none of the relaxed bonhomie that has, in the past, seen this pair mug up for photos at tourist attractions. Like the rest of the awards event, it was low key and low beat. There were enough cheering crowds to make it look like a good few days out. But beneath the surface, you could see and feel the tension however much Letizia tried to make it all look like business as usual.

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