Royal Wedding Tiaras: Stephanie of Luxembourg

A family tiara for Stephanie of Luxembourg on her wedding day
(photo By Denis Probst - Own work, archive Denis Probst, CC BY-SA 3.0 luLink)

The royal family that Stephanie de Lannoy married into on October 20th 2012 has one of the best collections of tiaras around. But on her big day, the new Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg chose a tiara much closer to home - her family diadem, worn by her sisters on their own wedding days. This royal bride followed her own tradition with a tiara filled with sentimental value.

That's not to say that her sparkler isn't really rather lovely. It's made of platinum and diamonds with the stones shaped into leaves that scroll in an arch towards a centre point which is topped with an inverted pear shaped gem. There are 270 diamonds in this diadem and although it's delicate and demure, it packs its own weight in gem power.

The Lannoy family can trace its history back to the 13th century nobility of Hainault but it acquired this sparkling example of aristocratic standing about 100 years ago when the tiara was created by the Belgian jeweller Altenloh of Brussels. In this generation, Stephanie's sisters and sisters-in-law wore the piece for their weddings. Stephanie was also mourning her mother on the day she got married - Alix de Lannoy had died that August, just weeks before the wedding of her youngest child.

Stephanie's tiara might not be as grand or glittering as some of those worn by royal brides at recent weddings but its sentimental attachment and the way it honours her family make it a real stand out diadem choice. It also suits this bride down to the ground and given that she has decades to enjoy the Luxembourg tiara collection there was no need to rush into its gem studded vaults just yet. There is something romantic and touching about this tiara choice and it look spectacular too. A sparkling success all round for Stephanie.