Meet the new Queen

Meet the new Queen. There could only ever be one winner in the race to grab one of the hottest roles on TV right now and the crown, quite literally, goes to Olivia Colman.

The British star is lined up to play Elizabeth II in series 3 of the huge Netflix success, The Crown. Until now, the Queen has been portrayed by Claire Foy who has picked up a bucket load of awards for her performance including a Golden Globe. We knew she'd be moving on after season 2 (which launches on December 8th 2017) and there was huge speculation about who might grab the part.

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It's no wonder that so many had their eye on this jewel of a role. Netflix has a huge hit on its hands with The Crown and has invested heavily in it. That's paid off and then some with awards coming from just about everywhere and a buzz about the series which has turned it into a massive success. Olivia Colman, who has plenty of awards on her own shelf, will play the Queen as she moves into middle age with series 3 set after 1963. She's got a hard act to follow in Claire Foy but as one of the most highly rated actors of her generation, Olivia Colman will really be a jewel in the programme's crown.