Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Letizia photobombs her critics

The Princess of Asturias has taken a lot of criticism in the last few days for her noticeable absence on Mallorca where the Spanish royal family's annual big get together is now underway. A few moments with the snappers on Friday did little to quell the crossness at a lack of Letizia.  Her husband surprised many at the weekend by chatting to reporters after a prize giving ceremony at the local sailing club to answer questions on how long the family would be spending in Mallorca.  And then on Monday, Letizia gave her own answer with one of the longest photo sessions in the history of European royalty.

Felipe, Letizia, Leonor and Sofia at La Granja de Esporles on Monday
You want photos, I'll give you photos seemed to be the message from the princess.  The family wandered down country lanes, they looked at animals, they stood on bridges, they stopped at every opportunity and smiled and waved and smiled some more.  All in the easy to use early evening light of the holiday island.  Soft sunshine and sweetness all round.

Smile for the camera - the Asturias in another pose from their photo session
The farm they visited is in the heart of an area recently hit by a massive forest fire.  Last year they won some plaudits for posing in Soller and bringing tourism to that part of the island and this year the focus was on holiday highlights away from the coast.  La Granja de Esporles gave the infantas a chance to learn about rural life through the ages as well as pat some cute animals.
Horses, goats, sheep - a real life farmyard for the future queen of Spain and her sister to play in
And Letizia gave her critics what they wanted - endless shots of her and her family.  She's back in front of the cameras again this evening as she joins the prince and King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia in the annual dinner for the authorities which ends the formal part of this annual royal holiday.  But this gush of photos might not be enough to hold off more attacks.  The press now want to know whether the princely couple and the children will be staying in Spain for the rest of their holidays or heading abroad.  And if the last few years are anything to go by, that's one question that neither Felipe or Letizia will be answering.
A bridge over troubled waters with the press - Letizia's photo offensive answers criticisms she's not been seen enough on Mallorca

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