Monday, 5 August 2013

The future queen with her princesses in waiting

The Princess of Asturias has been criticized in recent days for arriving late in Mallorca with her daughters for the annual family holiday at Marivent.  She was first seen on Friday and today the Prince and Princess held another photocall with their daughters.

Letizia, Felipe and their daughters, Leonor and Sofia, in Mallorca on Monday August 5th 2013

The chances of the old style photo session of the whole royal family at Marivent is slim but the heir and his wife have now made a bit of a new custom of a walk on the island allowing photographers an opportunity to get a couple of snaps of the whole family together.  Felipe and Letizia will appear again tomorrow at the traditional evening meal the king hosts for the authorities and then the location of the rest of their summer holidays is a mystery. 

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