Saturday, 24 August 2013

Royal photo opportunities

Sometimes, photographers just strike gold.  They go along to cover a run of the mill royal event and end up with a snap that will become a favourite out of nowhere.  We all know a royal wedding will produce a kiss and most official duties will offer some waves and smiles.  But every now and again there's a moment no one expected.  Like the King of Sweden getting involved in tree cutting.

King Carl XVI Gustaf on his tour of Sweden as part of his jubilee celebrations in August 2013
Quite what the machine that the king is trying out does is anyone's guess.  He certainly looks as bemused as the rest of us.  But the photo itself is bound to be used time and time again.  The king's bemused expression, the strangeness of the machine itself, Queen Silvia looking on -what more can we ask for?  How about a king and fish?
Harald of Norway's country has made a lot of money from fishing so maybe that explains why he's been stunned into silence by the sight of this fish
King Harald of Norway got caught at just the right angle during one visit linked to one of his country's biggest money spinners to provide a photo opportunity many a snapper would give their back catalogue for.  A king stunned into silence by a dead fish.
The Queen in a golf buggy - no pressure on that driver, then
And certainly no one turning up to the opening of the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace earlier this summer expected to see Queen Elizabeth II arrive to kick off proceedings on the back of a golf buggy.  But there she was with Camilla alongside trundling along at 5 mph.  It's up there with George and Lupo as one of the royal photos of the year.

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