Royal Platinum Wedding: the look of love as the Queen and Prince Philip celebrate 70 years of marriage

He looks like he can't believe his luck and she looks like she's pretending to ignore him. It was probably the same seventy years ago when the first decided to get married. In a new set of photos to mark their 70th wedding anniversary, the Queen and Prince Philip look like any couple in love. Which is why their wedding anniversary and all it celebrates is just really rather marvellous all round.

The new pictures were taken by Matt Holyoak of Camera Press and they're a very modern take on a very traditional story. The Queen and Prince Philip have become masters of the completely at ease with one another and what are you looking at official portrait and they've given us another set to mark their special day.

This is a couple so happy with one another that the camera just can't lie. The portraits, taken at Windsor Castle, celebrate a marriage that began on November 20th 1947 and has broken every royal  record going. It was said that Elizabeth and Philip regard ''People Will Say We're in Love'' as their song. Well... these pictures certainly tell on them..... people will say they're in love.

Photo credit: Matt Holyoak/ Camera Press.