Monday, 8 February 2021

Queens and Consorts: what to expect on the blog

I've been looking at how I want to use this blog and while some things are still falling into place, I'm making plans to post every day again. One feature will be a daily focus on the queens and consorts of each royal house so this is a little rundown of what to expect when. Plus, I need the crown in this photo.

The week starts with the very first royal house in English post Conquest history, the Normans and after that comes Tuesdays with the Tudors. Wednesday is all about the Windsors while Thursdays is a focus on the Hanoverians. I've merged York and Lancaster together into a category called Roses which makes this bloodthirsty lot sound far gentler than they ever were. You'll find them here on Fridays. Saturdays is all about the Stuarts while Sunday is a day for all things Plantagenet. 

The posts might be factfiles or opinions, overviews of places associated with a queen or consort of that house or a recommendation for a book or film that takes them as their main focus. It could be a musing on a picture, a rundown of important people in their lives, a look at them as a group or just a few thoughts. But every day will bring a new spotlight on a queen or consort from a rich royal history dating back to 1066. And all that. And if anyone finds that crown, please tell me.

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