Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Low key Letizia, in black and white

Dare we say it but it was a bit of a let down. The Queen of Spain went to America on a much heralded visit which included a stop in the White House and all eyes were on the fashion choices of Letizia. But they were rather sedate and very much in black and white.

The King and Queen of Spain with the President and First Lady of the United States of America
The White House, Washington DC, September 15th 2015

For her visit to the home of the US President, Letizia picked a black dress with white flower print teamed with a white jacket with five neat buttons running down the centre. It was chic, appropriate and rather uninspiring. And it was wiped off the page by Michelle Obama's take on relaxed formal - her beige and white print dress was a stunner.

Felipe checks out the carpet in the White House on his official visit

The queen got the chance to show off the dress in all its glory when she took a walk around the grounds with Michelle Obama.

A queen at the White House

The Spanish queen had worn the same outfit on a visit to Mount Vernon, the homestead of George Washiington, where she and King Felipe had laid a wreath at a memorial to the first US President there.

 They also took a walk about the grounds which is no mean feat in Letizia's uniform high heels and at some points she did seem to be clinging to her husband for help as they negotiated to the grassy slopes.

In the evening, the royal couple met members of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committe at a reception in the US capital.

Queen Letizia chose a sparkling black cocktail legnth outfit which in the light showed up as a two piece with waistcoat style top adorned with metal effect buttons and a knee length skirt. Unfortunately, most of the pictures were taken in a rather dark room which made the queen look like she was blending into the shadows.
It was another very low key choice at the end of a strange day of style picks for birthday queen Letizia.


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