Monday, 21 September 2015

Maxima the queen on Prinsjesdag

It only took a couple of years for Queen Maxima of the Netherlands to gather enough confidence to totally steal the show at the opening of her country's parliament. In 2015, her third appearance on Prinsjesdag as a queen consort, saw her score a huge fashion win that knocked just about everyone sideways and left all eyes on her. The Japanese print dress was totally unexpected and a total winner.

It was the most subtle and successful of the three outfits she's worn for this big event - the colour was more muted, the accessories less dramatic and the result was a huge fashion win.


 Perhaps the biggest surprise of this third Prinsjesdag outfit was the absence of a hat. Maxima does love a huge hat and 2013 and 2014 had seen her stick to her style and add massive toppers to the outfits. 2015 was all about a chic updo and the frock.


The one fault of this outfit was perhaps its first impression. The queen, as usual, travelled to the Knight's Hall in the golden carriage with her husband. The first glance is a head and shoulders through a misty window and this time round that meant Maxima in her muted shade with no bling to see.


 In 2014, there was little room to see anything other than the hat. The second appearance of Maxima the queen on Prinjesdag was bright and beautiful and in parts slightly OTT, just like the consort herself. There are so many times that this queen wears something that is best described as 'only Maxima' and last year her outfit for the opening of parliament fell right into that category.


 The deep red full length dress was a stunner. She added a matching pillbox gloves, non matching but still red gloves and accessories and a bit of red lippy for good measure. There was no way anyone was missing her on this occasion.


It was a style evolution for Maxima, mostly in the shape of the hat, which was far smaller than anything we're used to seeing this queen in.


But ultimately there was perhaps a bit too much red - there was nowhere else to look once the queen sat down. Her 2015 look could be a nod to the brightness overload of 2014.


Her first appearance at this huge event as a queen had been bright but far less striking. The gold ensemble chosen by Maxima just months after her husband's accession was very regal and very, very, Maxima.


 The hat was huge, so big in fact it left people wondering how her husband had managed to get into the carriage at the same time.


 The dress was made of a heavy fabric that looked so thick it was a wonder the queen could walk in it.


There's no doubt that Maxima's style for this event has evolved dramatically from ok dress that would do anywhere to a stunner of a frock that will take a long tme to be forgotten. And with many more days like this ahead of her in her husband's reign, it seems this part of her Royal Wardrobe will continue to interest for years to come.

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