Friday, 28 March 2014

Letizia almost cuts ahead of Kate

The comparisons between their styles are growing by the day but in one area, Princess Letizia has a head start on the Duchess of Cambridge.  The Princess of Asturias has a new hair style.  In fact, Letizia has been changing her hair quite a lot in recent times while Kate is sticking to what she knows best meaning her long, dark locks rarely move from their perfectly coiffed positions on her shoulders. But on the day a Spanish fashion writer claimed that Letizia was copying Kate's clothes, the Princess of Asturias surprised many by putting her hair up to look like she'd cut it all off.

Letizia's locks get a second look - the Princess ofAsturias showed off a new hairstyle in her latest appearance

It was just one pesky strand at the front that gave the game away as it worked its way loose to reveal that the new short do was in fact just a temporary measure.  It's not the first time in recent months that Letizia has surprised with her barnet - she went all Great Gatsby with a twenties style up do on her November visit to America.

The Princess of Asturias hit the Gatsy trend just before the rest of the fashion pack proving she's always one trend step ahead

Not long afterwards, Kate tried an up do at a film premiere where she paired tied back hair with a repeat couture dress but most attention was focused on the High Street necklace she chose to top the outfit off. And she was back to long and lovely again within days, showing that when it comes to hair then her style rival, Letizia, is still moving ahead.

A rare glimpse of the Duchess of Cambridge with a different hair style

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