Sunday, 23 March 2014

The parting of the ways

Today the partnership between Juan Carlos and Spain's first post Franco Prime Minister came to an end as Adolfo Suarez died.  His son, Adolfo Suarez Illana, said that that thanks to the king he was able to do what he liked at a unique moment in history. Many will remember that what Adolfo Suarez wanted to do was guide his country towards democracy and that is what he did.  'Together they changed the course of history' said the former Prime Minister's son.  And the grief of King Juan Carlos at the loss of a man with whom he shared a unique and unrepeatable bond was clear to see as the monarch appeared on television less than an hour after Adolfo Suarez's death to praise him for his work, his devotion to democracy and his loyalty as a politician and as a friend.  With his passing, a chapter in history is closed and the king has lost someone who shared some of his most difficult and most rewarding days with him.  Their ways, tied inextricably together, have now parted and a unique bond in the history of monarchical relations with prime ministers is gone.  

And then they came to the end.
Juan Carlos I and Spain's former Prime Minister, Adolfo Suarez, in the last photo of them together

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