Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A royal sum for an old bed

A broken up bed found in a car park in Chester could end up going under the auctioneer's hammer for several million pounds - and all because of its royal connections.  The bed was sold four years ago to an auctioneer who was told it was a Victorian piece.  He paid around £2,000 for it.  It's now thought to be early Tudor - very early Tudor, in fact.  The bed is believed to have been one of the first used by Henry VII after he married Elizabeth of York and some historians think it may have been the place that Henry VIII was conceived.

Henry VIII, King of England and one of the most famous royals of all time - historians now think they have found the place where his epic journey began

An engraving of Adam and Eve was what first made historians think that the bed was a royal relic rather than a Victorian leftover.  And because of its link to Henry VII, his queen Elizabeth and Henry VIII it's gone up in value.  Just a bit.  It's now thought it could be worth around £20 million.

Not a bad return for £2,000 - the royal bed which could now fetch £20 million

Obviously, the new owner will have to buy a new mattress but otherwise the bed is in pretty good condition.  It will probably end up in a museum or historical collection which might be for the best - is the world really ready for another Henry VIII?

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