Monday, 29 July 2013

Heartbreaking duty for a future queen consort

Letizia, Princess of Asturias has many detractors.  That may be one of the reasons that, according to the poll, she is the royal woman being given the toughest time by the press.  More on that later this week but today it didn't seem appropriate to discuss such things as this future queen takes on a sad and onerous task.

Later today, Letizia will accompany her husband, Felipe, and his sister, Elena, to the special service being held in honour of those killed in last week's train crash at Santiago de Compostela.  Seventy nine people lost their lives and the royal couple and the Duchess of Lugo will offer comfort to those left behind.

Royals continue to represent their country in many ways and this is one of the saddest. 

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia on their visit to Santiago last week to meet those injured and those who helped when a train crashed near the station, killing 79 people and leaving many more injured

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