Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Kate's exclusive royal baby club

In the end, David Cameron rushing through changes to the law to allow a girl to succeed above a younger brother was just a keep fit exercise for him as Kate did what Queen Consorts and queens in waiting through history have dreamed of doing.  She had a boy first.

The arrival of the Prince of Cambridge on a hot July afternoon, weighing a very impressive 8lbs and 6oz, set off countrywide celebrations.  The water in the fountains in Trafalgar Square will be blue for the next week thanks to some cunning lights while the London Eye and the Millennium Bridge all sparkled with colour to mark the arrival of the boy who will be king.

Kate did what all queens hoped to do - she had a boy first. 

And having a little boy makes Kate a member of a very exlcusive royal baby club.  Because of the current generation of heirs in waiting, only one other has had a boy first.  Mary of Denmark's eldest is little Prince Christian, born in October 2005 amid a rush of first born girls in other European monarchies.

Princess Mary of Denmark is the only other heiress to give birth to a son first
The norm now is for a girl to take the throne which makes the future Kings of Denmark and England stand out from the royal crowd just a little.

But while we all knew what Mary would call her little prince - in Denmark the heir's first son alternates between Christian and Frederick - the guessing game over baby Cambridge goes on.

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