Monday, 22 July 2013

Queen Regnant Elizabeth repeats history

Just once before has a British monarch looked around them and seen the succession secured into a fourth generation.  Back in 1896 Queen Victoria welcomed a second great grandchild who would guarantee her throne well into the coming 20th century. 

His daughter and Victoria's great, great granddaughter, Elizabeth II, now finds herself in the same happy position.   To follow a successful, long lived and long reigning queen come three men.  Three future kings.

The favourite name for a boy with the bookies is George.  And if this little boy, born today to future Queen Consort the Duchess of Cambridge, is a George and anything like the 1896 baby who took Victoria's crown forward then England just got very lucky indeed.

Well done that Duchess.  Kate's wait is over and her little boy is here.
(photo Tom Soper Photography)

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