Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A high profile for Victoria

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden took part in high profile discussions today with the President of Latvia on a one day working visit to the country's capital, Riga.

Crown Princess Victoria steps into the spotlight in Riga

The future head of state took part in talks at the start of her visit - a trip which took top billing on the Royal Family's agenda for the day.

The Crown Princess has had a high profile in recent weeks as she has accompanied her father to the commemorations of one of Sweden's oldest public institutions, taken part in several conferences and been present at some major awards presentations. She has also been seen taking her daughter, and heiress, Estelle to school for the first time and has been causing a stir among royal fashion watchers with some striking new additions to her wardrobe.

The princess has made several overseas visits by herself and with her husband, Prince Daniel, particularly in support of business links between Sweden and countries around Europe. But her participation in such public talks with a head of state is less common and shows the growing agenda that the future queen is taking on.

Days after her father marked his forty first anniversary as king, the future queen is adding to her already high profile and strengthening the sense of continuity that runs so strongly through the Swedish monarchy. On her return home, Victoria has a few days off before her next public engagement. But her latest appearance shows that she is taking on yet more royal responsibilities as she continues her preparations to rule.

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