Saturday, 6 September 2014

Ermine and Pearls

If you fancy some more royal news and musings, then I hope you'll have a look at the blog I'm writing on Royal Central called Ermine and Pearls.  It started in the summer and is now fully up and running.  There will be features on royals today and royals of yesterday and regular series like the one I've just completed - The Other Royal Kates.

Queens of England is continuing and there will be even more material here this autumn with, I hope, at least two posts every day and a regular round up of everything the royals have been getting up to across Europe as well as insights on royal history.

I hop you'll get a chance to read and enjoy both sites - and please do let me know what you think!

 Ermine and Pearls at Royal Central

photo credit: Mikepaws via photopin cc

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