Friday, 19 September 2014

The Queen of Scotland

Scotland has decided to remain within the United Kingdom. The referendum on independence is almost complete with just one more area to declare but the answer to the question on whether Scotland should be an independent nation is no. There are many things to take from the vote, not least the stunning turnout which has seen around 3.5 million votes cast, but while the dust settles one thing is already clear.  Elizabeth II, Queen of Scotland, has seen her United Kingdom remain intact.

Elizabeth II, Queen of Scotland

The Queen kept her counsel on the issue although it was widely reported several times that she was eager to see the union remain.  Her only public came at Crathie Church last week when she said she hoped voters would think carefully. She also put back the traditional Balmoral Ball by one day to allow everyone who wanted to vote a chance  to cast their ballot.  But we will hear her thoughts later on when she makes a statement on the referendum and its result. It will be as diplomatic as everything the Queen does. But there will be relief in the palaces of England and Scotland that the two crowns that came together in 1603 remain together - on the say of the people.

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