Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Viva Varela

It's one of the most famous royal dresses of the last five years and it got its annual outing today when Queen Letizia accompanied her husband on an engagement to officially open the university year in Spain. That plum coloured Varela dress was on show again in Toledo and looking every bit the classic it's always been.

Queen Letizia of Spain in one of her most famous dresses
(photo casareal.es)

It's been a regular in Letizia's wardrobe for several years but it's best known as the dress she donned to meet Carla Bruni when the former French First Lady visited Madrid with her husband, Nicholas Sarkozy, in 2009.  The two women sashayed up the steps of the Zarzuela Palace together but it was the deep pink of the then princess that won that fashion day.

Carla's centre stage but her outfit is playing second fiddle to Letizia during their famous meeting

Half a decade on and now a queen, Letizia's favourite frock is still making waves. She chose it for her visit to Castilla-La Mancha University where she helped her husband inaugurate the new academic year for tertiary education.  The king made a speech and the couple listened to talks from some of the lecturers at the university. 

Dresses may come and go but Europe's newest queen always knows that when she needs it, she has a world famous look tucked away in her wardrobe. Designed by one of her favourite couturiers, it will no doubt be seen many more times - a real reason to say Viva Varela.

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