Monday, 15 September 2014

Harry turns 30

Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, second son of the Prince of Wales, and (for now) fourth in line to the British throne is thirty today. The birthday has no constitutional significance and will be a private affair. And yet as he reaches this milestone, the amount of interest in the royal birthday is huge. Everyone is just wild about Harry at thirty.

Prince Harry turns thirty today
(photo @ClarenceHouse Instagram)

The party prince has grown up in the last year. Now headlines about Harry are more likely to mention his work to promote the cause of injured service men and women or his popularity on another royal tour than they are to feature photos of a night spot that the royal has been spotted in. Harry's charisma was always evident but in the last twelve months he has combined it with a more serious side that has turned him from the cheeky younger brother to a formidable player on the royal scene.

Harry and Usain Bolt at the Commonwealth Games in July 2014
(photo Usain Bolt Instagram)

And he wakes up on the morning he turns thirty more popular than ever before. The success of the Invictus Games which he originated and organised has been huge and brought his work and his charm to an even bigger audience.  The outpouring of support for him is palpable and he marks this milestone birthday with a huge amount of public kindness behind him. 

Prince Harry arrives in the South Pole at the end of 2013

Diana always said that Harry had her brains. As he turns thirty, he also seems to have her popular touch.  A milestone and a new beginning but the place from which he is starting couldn't be better.

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