Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A definite double

With actual confirmation today that the Princess of Monaco is pregnant with twins, an intriguing guessing game is under way.  Who will get the throne?  By the end of the year Monaco will have an heir and a spare but instead of a year or so separating their claims to the crown there will be a matter of minutes. This double dose of royal babies will provide a unique situation in Europe's reigning houses - a child born on the same day as the successor but with a very different role in the dynasty.

The Prince and Princess of Monaco will have an heir and a spare by the end of the year 

Being the spare is a hard job but perhaps a little more difficult in the knowledge that just moments lie between making history and fading into history as time moves on.  The babies of Monaco are much wanted and will be much loved and already have a guaranteed friend for life in each other.  But there is one other guarantee that comes with this confirmation - Europe is about to meet a royal with a unique story to tell.  

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