Friday, 3 October 2014

Portrait of a king

You're definitely king when your face is on the stamps and Felipe VI will be adding his own official mark to the post in Spain from October 12th.  That's the date when the newest monarch in Europe will feature on stamps in that role for the first time.

Felipe of Spain's first stamps as king

The stamps show images of Felipe taken when still Prince of Asturias but just in case anyone needed reminding of his role now, across the bottom is the phrase 'His Majesty King Felipe of Spain'.  The one Euro stamp is accompanied by another of equal value showing Felipe and Letizia, again from an official photo taken several years ago.  But while those portraits are still official images of the couple, there is another new picture for formal purposes that was released on the same day as the stamps. 

The King and Queen of Spain in a new official photo

This first official photo of the couple since the accession really is an image of the start of a reign as it was taken on the day that Felipe became king and shows the royal pair in the famous outfits they wore on that historic day,  It's one of the most relaxed portraits of Felipe and Letizia from that day so it's probably safe to assume it was taken once all the formalities were finalised and the new monarch could relax after taking on the role. Along with the stamp, it puts the seal on a reign that has just passed the milestone of 100 days and underlines the formal part of the rule of Felipe VI.

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