Saturday, 18 October 2014

Bullying and the bride

In his first major TV interview, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden didn't hold back.  Speaking to Hellenius corner on TV4 he told viewers that he felt that parts of the media had treated his future wife, Sofia Hellqvist, very badly and that some of it bordered on bullying.  The handsome prince, who usually keeps his own counsel, wasn't afraid to let everyone know exactly what he thought.

In defence of his wife to be - Prince Carl Philip opened up about how hurtful he found some of the comments made about his fiancee during a TV interview shown in Sweden this week

Speaking in a surprise interview, the prince said that reports other members of the Swedish Royal Family hadn't welcomed Sofia were wrong.  He said that his parents and sisters were interested in his fiancee and had greeted her arrival in his life with happiness.  And then he added the most cutting comment of all - that the way some parts of the media had treated Sofia came close to bullying. Since their engagement was announced in June this year, Sofia has made several appearances at Carl Philip's side - most notably when she accompanied the Royal Family to the opening of Parliament in September.

Standing up for Sofia - Carl Philip of Sweden has spoken of his anger about some of the things written and said about his soon to be wife

But when it came to talk of weddings, the prince kept himself to talk about love even when pressed several times over the actual date he will say 'I do'.  It's been announced that the couple will marry in Sweden in 2015 but Carl Philip wasn't willing to give any more details about when or where the wedding will take place.  

Prince Carl Philip during his TV interview

The prince also opened up about the impact that dyslexia has had on his life and why he thinks it is so important to send a positive message that it doesn't have to hold anyone back.  He talked about feeling 'hung out' when he was mocked after getting confused during an appearance at an awards show - the muddle started because of his dyslexia.  And he talked about how determined he was to appear at another big awards show as soon as possible to show that he could cope with anything.  But it was his comments about his fiancee that drew most attention.  Sofia will soon be a princess of Sweden and she knows before that even happens that she has a handsome prince ready to go into battle on her behalf anytime she needs him.

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