Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Twin talk

They are two of the most eagerly awaited royal pregnancies of recent times but it seems that royal baby fever has gone up another notch. Today is the day of twins.  A bookmaker in the UK had suspended betting on the Duchess of Cambridge giving birth to two spares to join the heir in the nursery at Kensington Palace because of a flurry of bets on a twin pregnancy.  And as the day comes to an end, there are reports that Princess Charlene of Monaco is definitely expecting two babies as she poses for photographs for the first time since her great expectations were announced.  It's an overload of royal babies. -

It's all about these mummies at the moment with both the subject of twins talk

Kate was the subject of twin speculation during her first pregnancy as very severe morning sickness can be associated with multiple babies. And before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced that they would be parents again, the endless speculation about whether or not Kate was expecting often involved claims that she was about to produce the first twins in the British Royal Family in centuries.  There is unlikely to be any comment on the latest rumours but the last time that bookmakers suspended betting on a royal baby issue was just before Zara Tindall announced her daughter's name earlier this year because of a run of wagers on a certain name.  That name was Mia.  

If it is twins, then only they know right now

Princess Charlene has also been at the centre of twin speculation as well.  Just days after her pregnancy was announced, there were reports that her father had told people that his daughter would be adding two names to the family tree when she gives birth towards the end of the year.  Now has announced that Charlene has confirmed she is expecting twins.  There are also new photos of the princess who talks about how well she feels as her pregnancy enters its final trimester.

Princess Charlene cradles her baby bump on a visit to New York last week

Kate's second baby won't, probably, ever be monarch as George will take on the mantle of heir and then king when the time arrives. But Charlene's pregnancy will result in the future ruler of Monaco. And in this instance, twins would mean that one baby misses out on being a monarch by a matter of minutes. Double pregnancies in royal families are rare but today has really been royal baby day with headlines dominated across Europe by twin talk.

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