Saturday, 18 October 2014

The solitary prince sails on

Prince Christian holds a pretty special place in European royal circles.  Along with the Duke of Cambridge, he is the only male second in line to the throne on the continent at the moment and of the youngest set of royals, the children of heirs and monarchs of the 21st century, he is currently the only boy born to rule. So his birthday photos always stand out just that little bit more. And as he marks nine years, the official images are striking.

Boys' own stuff - Prince Christian of Denmark in one of the official photos taken to mark his ninth birthday

The photos were taken in Greeland in August 2014 when the prince was on tour there with his parents, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, and his siblings - Isabella, Vincent and Jospehine.  The pictures show the future king of a nautical nation at sea in the sunshine and looking more like his mum every day.

Prince Christian of Denmark in another birthday portrait and bearing a striking resemblance to his mum, Mary 

Christian Valdemar Henri John, Prince of Denmark and Count of Monpezat was born on October 15th 2005 at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.  He was the first child for Frederik and Mary and arrived almost seventeen months to the day after their wedding in the Danish capital.  He is second in line to the throne behind his father but by the time he becomes king it's likely that Europe will be a continent of queen regnants as every other country with a royal house has a woman - or two - lined up to take the throne in time.  

Prince Christian in Greenland this summer with his parents

In the meantime, the prince continues his education at Tranegard School which he joined in 2011. In the coming years, he will no doubt make more public appearances as he takes on a bigger role in royal duties.  But for now, his official birthday portraits are the main chronicle of the childhood of a prince who stands alone on continental Europe - a 21st century royal born to be king.

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