Friday, 3 February 2017

Estelle and Oscar: new photos

Estelle and Oscar of Sweden
(photo Anna-Lena Ahlstrom/

Princess Estelle, at almost five, has already got royal photos sorted. Now it appears she's got another major role under her belt - the big sister handling a little brother. In a new set of photos released by the Swedish Royal Court, the second in line to the throne tries her best to ignore the impending invasion of the third in line to her game while baby brother carries on regardless. Welcome to the world of being the eldest, Estelle.

The two photos show a very happy family. Estelle and Oscar get to do a bit of floor art and end up starring in one of the best royal portraits in a long while. Then they settle down with mum and dad for a family pose which is about as charming as they come. Sweden's royals have a knack of producing lovely images with just the right mix of formality (for the history books) and happiness (because that's what life should be like) and these two photos follow in that tradition. And if Estelle looks slightly more determined in the family pose, it may well be because she's just had to fight off the Oscar attempt to pinch her pencil. Judging by her brother's face, he won.

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